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Onboarding at rOpenSci: A Year in Reviews

Noam Ross, Carl Boettiger, Jenny Bryan, Scott Chamberlain, Rich FitzJohn, Karthik Ram — March 28, 2016
Code review, in which peers manually inspect the source code of software written by others, is widely recognized as one of the best tools for finding bugs in software. Code review is relatively uncommon in scientific software development, though. Scientists, despite being familiar with the process of peer review, often have little exposure to code review due to lack of training and historically little incentive to share the source code from their research. So scientific...

rOpenSci geospatial libraries

Scott Chamberlain — March 17, 2016
Geospatial data input/output, manipulation, and vizualization are tasks that are common to many disciplines. Thus, we're keenly interested in making great tools in this space. We have an increasing set of spatial tools, each of which we'll cover sparingly. See the cran and github badges for more information. We are not trying to replace the current R geospatial libraries - rather, we're trying to fill in gaps and create smaller tools to make it easy...

We're hiring a community manager!

Core Team — March 10, 2016
The rOpenSci team is growing, thanks in part to our recent funding. We recently welcomed Jeroen Ooms on the software development side and today we're thrilled to announce a position for community manager. Our mission is to expand access to scientific data and promote a culture of reproducible research and sustainable research software. We aim to cultivate a vibrant and open community through activities such as our community calls, discussion forums, package review, and annual...