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rotl paper published

Francois Michonneau, Joseph Brown, David Winter — July 26, 2016
We are excited to announce a paper describing rotl, our package for the Open Tree of Life data, has been published. The full citation is: Michonneau, F., Brown, J. W. and Winter, D. J. (2016), rotl: an R package to interact with the Open Tree of Life data. Methods Ecol Evol. doi: The paper, which is freely available, describes the package and the data it wraps in detail. Rather than rehash the information here,...

Testing packages with R Travis for OS-X

Jeroen Ooms — July 12, 2016
Travis is a continuous integration service which allows for running automated testing code everytime you push to GitHub. Hadley's book about R packages explains how and why R package authors should take advantage of this in their development process. The build matrix Travis is now providing support for multiple operating systems, including Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and various flavors of Mac OS-X. Jim Hester has done a great job of tweaking the travis R-language build script...

Australia Unconference

Jessie Roberts, Miles McBain, Nicholas Tierney — June 16, 2016
On April 21st and 22nd of 2016, we had 40 members of the R community gather in Brisbane, Australia, with the goal of reproducing the rOpensci Unconference events that have been running with great success in San Francisco since 2014. Like every event organisers ever, we went through the usual crisis: Where will it be? Will anyone actually show up? Is the problem space over venue, date, attendees, catering, sponsors convex? It it even possible...