📦 rOpenSci Packages

Tutorials for rOpenSci packages

Package Description Details API   🔑
rdryad Connects to the Dryad data repository. CRAN  📄
ecoengine Programmatic interface to Berkeley's ecoengine CRAN  📄
AntWeb Programmatic interface California Academy of Science's Ant database CRAN  📄
rebird Connects to eBird. CRAN  📄
BEFdata Connects to instances of BEFdata portals for collaborative data management (e.g BEF-China and FUNdiv) CRAN  📄
rfisheries Connects to the OpenFisheries database. CRAN  📄
RMendeley Programmatic interface to Mendeley network CRAN  📄
ritis (deprecated) Integrated Taxonomic Information Service. All functions are now part of taxize. CRAN  📄
rWBClimate Programmatic interface to the World Bank climate data used in the World Bank climate knowledge portal. CRAN  📄
treebase Programmatic interface to treebase. CRAN  📄
rfishbase Programmatic interface to fishbase. CRAN  📄
rnpn National Phenology Network. CRAN  📄
rbhl Biodiversity Heritage Library. CRAN  📄
rgbif Global Biodiversity Information Facility. CRAN  📄
taxize Programmatic interface to many taxonomic APIs. CRAN  📄
rsnps Wrapper to the openSNP data API. CRAN  📄
rvertnet Programmatic interface to the VertNet API. CRAN  📄
rentrez Programmatic interface to the NCBI eutils API. CRAN  📄
neotoma Programmatic R interface to the Neotoma Paleoecological Database. CRAN  📄
paleobioDB R interface to the Paleobiology Database CRAN  📄
rnoaa R interface to NOAA Climate data API CRAN  📄
Package Description Details API   🔑
rplos Connects to the full-text API of the Public Library of Science (PLOS). CRAN  📄
rebi Connects to the European PubMed Central CRAN  📄
rspringer Full-text access to Springer journals. Development pending upcoming API changes. CRAN  📄
rpensoft Wrapper to Pensoft journals web services. Not in active development. CRAN  📄
rhindawi R interface to the Hindawi Journals metadata and corpus. Not in active development. CRAN  📄
rpubmed Tools for extracting and processing Pubmed and Pubmed Central records CRAN  📄
rorcid A programmatic interface the Orcid.org API In early devlopment CRAN  📄
elife R interface to the eLife API In early devlopment CRAN  📄
Package Description Details API   🔑
raltmet Aggregates altmetrics from various sources such as Github, StackOverflow, and ,Dryad CRAN  📄
rImpactStory Programmatic interface to ImpactStory Package will be deprecated shortly. CRAN  📄
rAltmetric Programmatic interface to altmetric data from altmetric.com CRAN  📄
Citeulike R interface to CiteULike. Not in active development. CRAN  📄
rdatacite Wrapper to DataCite metadata. CRAN  📄
alm R wrapper to the almetrics API platform developed by PLoS API In early devlopment CRAN  📄
Package Description Details API   🔑
rfigshare Programmatic interface to Figshare. CRAN  📄
dvn Programmatic interface to the DataVerse Network. CRAN  📄
Package Description Details API   🔑
plotly Programmatic interface to Plot.ly. CRAN  📄
rMaps Generate interactive maps from R CRAN  📄