This package does not currently require an API key.
install_github("rgbif", "ropensci")

The dev version of rgbif has newer functions currently in development. Some of these may not be stable.

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Load rgbif


Define a vector of three species

key <- name_backbone(name = "Puma concolor", kingdom = "plants")$speciesKey

Search for occurrences for all species

dat <- occ_search(taxonKey = key, return = "data", limit = 300, fields = "all")

Make all names uniform so that we just get one symbol type on the map

dat$name <- "Puma concolor"

Make a map of occurrences

gbifmap(input = dat)

For a full list of functions and a web manual, visit the package repository on GitHub.

Find the rgbif tutorial on the tutorials page

If you have ideas for use-cases or have written about this package anywhere, please drop us a line.

If you have issues with any of the functions in the package or feature requests, Submit an issue