Programmatic interface to the Mendeley database

After installing the package, please also be sure to obtain API keys associated with your login and store them in your rprofile.
install_github("ROAuth", "duncantl")
install_github("rmendeley", "ropensci")

The dev version of RMendeley now includes support for personal functions that allow users to manipulate their own libraries.

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You can obtain Mendeley API keys here. Once you retrieve your account specific keys, save them in your .rprofile like so:

options(MendeleyKey = "YOUR_KEY")
options(MendeleyPrivateKey = "YOUR_SECRET")

Read more about API keys and R.
# authenticate with Mendeley.  
mc <- mendeley_auth()
# See tutorials page for further instructions.

For a full list of functions and a web manual, visit the package repository on GitHub.

🔎 Authenticating with Mendeley
🔎 Searching Mendeley
🔎 Managing Mendeley folders
🔎 Document metadata
🔎 Managing Mendeley groups

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If you have issues or bug reports with any of the functions in the package, Submit an issue