Transforming science through open data

We are changing how science works

At rOpenSci we are creating packages that allow access to data repositories through the R statistical programming environment that is already a familiar part of the workflow of many scientists. Our tools not only facilitate drawing data into an environment where it can readily be manipulated, but also one in which those analyses and methods can be easily shared, replicated, and extended by other researchers.

We develop open source R packages that provide programmatic access to a variety of scientific data, full-text of journal articles, and repositories that provide real-time metrics of scholarly impact. Visit our packages section for a full list of production and development versions of packages.

End-to-end reproducibility

Use our packages to acquire data (both your own and from various data sources), analyze it, add in your narrative, and generate a final publication in any one of widely used formats such as Word, PDF, or LaTeX. Combine our tools with the rich ecosystem of existing R packages.

Here are a few things you can do with our packages

Access a vast trove of scientific data
Our packages provide access to more than 400 million museum records, data from more than 200 journals, 100k full text articles and so much more.
Interactive data analysis and visualization
Analyze your data with interactive plots, easily generate dynamics maps for any type of geospatial data.
Document and share your data
Use our tools to quickly document and deposit your data in a variety of permanent repositories including figshare, DataONE and more.


Dive into detailed tutorials for our packages, look through various use-cases, or submit some of your own!

User Guide
Quickly get up to speed with easy to follow tutorials on our packages.
Video Tutorials
No time to install and run some code? Watch video walk throughs of our packages and try out the code at a later time. Check out how to use Taxize. We're quickly making more.

rOpenSci is all about community. Join us!

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