About us

rOpenSci fosters a culture that values open and reproducible research using shared data and reusable software.

We do this by:

  • Creating technical infrastructure in the form of carefully vetted, staff- and community-contributed R software tools that lower barriers to working with scientific data sources on the web

  • Creating social infrastructure through a welcoming and diverse community

  • Making the right data, tools and best practices more discoverable

  • Building capacity of software users and developers and fostering a sense of pride in their work

  • Promoting advocacy for a culture of data sharing and reusable software.

rOpenSci is a non-profit initiative founded in 2011 by Karthik Ram, Scott Chamberlain, and Carl Boettiger to make scientific data retrieval reproducible. Over the past seven years we have developed an ecosystem of open source tools, we run annual unconferences, and review community developed software.

Meet our Team

Our core team includes staff and postdoctoral fellows. Our leadership and editorial board members are volunteers.

Stacey Dorton
Carl Boettiger
University of California, Berkeley
Jenny Bryan
Rich FitzJohn
Imperial College London
Anna Krystalli
University of Sheffield
Lincoln Mullen
George Mason University
Brooke Anderson
Colorado State University
Melina Vidoni
RMIT University
Hadley Wickham
JJ Allaire
Mackenzie Smith
University of California, Davis
Matt Jones

Meet our Alumnus

Meet our Research Fellows

Our 2017 & 2018 research fellows were awarded support for their ongoing work in open science to enable them to have a bigger voice in their communities.

Kelly Hondula
University of Maryland, SESYNC
Zachary Foster
Oregon State University
Sam Tyner
Iowa State University, CSAFE
Jon Zelner
University of Michigan
Nick Golding
University of Melbourne

Meet our Collaborators

Our collaborators include people whose packages have passed rOpenSci Software Peer Review, reviewers of two or more packages, and others who have contributed significant time and effort to rOpenSci. This listing is not yet complete. We're thankful for all contributions, big or small. Want to get involved?

Simon Goring
David Winter
Sara Varela
Vijay Brave
Rafael Maia
Barb Banbury
Thomas Leeper
Ted Hart
Ed Szöcs
Toby Hocking
Javier Gonzalez
Najko Jahn
David Springate
Stefan Widgren
Brian O' Meara
Ciera Martinez
Martin Fenner
Gavin Simpson
Ben Marwick
Barry Rowlingson
Jeff Hollister
Ethan White
Karl Broman
Alex Harkess
Hilmar Lapp
Rutger Vos
Matt Pennell
Gabor Csardi
Abaghan Ghahraman
Chris Ray
Tad Dallas
Lee Marsh
Os Keyes
Kyle Hamilton
Francois Michonneau
Franz Krah
Will Pearse
Stefan Bache
Julia Gustavsen
Kevin Ushey
Robin Lovelace
Javier Otegui
David Robinson
Peter Meissner
Mark Padgham
Gordon Shotwell
Tony Fischetti
Joseph Brown
Andy South
Elaine McVey
Danton Noriega-Goodwin
Jaime Ashander
Gabe Becker
Daniel Katz
Carson Sievert