Exploring ways to address gaps in maternal-child health research

  Monica Gerber   |   Jennifer Thompson   |   Jenny Draper   |   Kyle Hamilton   |   Charles Gray   | JULY 5, 2018

It’s easy to come to a conference and feel intimidated by the wealth of knowledge and expertise of other attendees. As Ellen Ullman, a software engineer and writer describes,1 I was aware at all times that I had only islands of knowledge separated by darkness; that I was surrounded by chasms of not-knowing, into one of which I was certain to fall. One of the best ways to start feeling less intimidated is to start talking to others.

A package for tidying nested lists

  Amanda Dobbyn   |   Jim Hester   |   Laura DeCicco   |   Christine Stawitz   |   Isabella Velasquez   | JUNE 26, 2018

Data == knowledge! Much of the data we use, whether it be from government repositories, social media, GitHub, or e-commerce sites comes from public-facing APIs. The quantity of data available is truly staggering, but munging JSON output into a format that is easily analyzable in R is an equally staggering undertaking. When JSON is turned into an R object, it usually becomes a deeply nested list riddled with missing values that is difficult to untangle into a tidy format.

Announcing new software review editors: Anna Krystalli and Lincoln Mullen

  Stefanie Butland   | JUNE 22, 2018

Part of rOpenSci’s mission is to create technical infrastructure in the form of carefully vetted R software tools that lower barriers to working with data sources on the web. Our open peer software review system for community-contributed tools is a key component of this. As the rOpenSci community grows and more package authors submit their work for peer review, we need to expand our editorial board to maintain a speedy process.

Chat with the rOpenSci team at upcoming meetings

  Stefanie Butland   | JUNE 19, 2018

You can find members of the rOpenSci team at various meetings and workshops around the world. Come say ‘hi’, learn about how our software packages can enable your research, or about our process for open peer software review and onboarding, how you can get connected with the community or tell us how we can help you do open and reproducible research.

Exploring European attitudes and behaviours using the European Social Survey

  Jorge Cimentada   | JUNE 14, 2018

Introduction I never thought that I’d be programming software in my career. I started using R a little over 2 years now and it’s been one of the most important decisions in my career. Secluded in a small academic office with no one to discuss/interact about my new hobby, I started searching the web for tutorials and packages. After getting to know how amazing and nurturing the R community is, it made me want to become a data scientist.

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