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Help make qualtRics better! Code contributions wanted

The package qualtRics maintained by Julia Silge together with Joseph O’Brien provides functions to access survey results directly into R using the Qualtrics API. Qualtrics is an online survey and data collection software platform. 🔗 Help test or improve qualtRics! Are you a heavy user of the Qualtrics survey tooling in general, and of the qualtRics R package in particular? Then you can help build and test the package. 🔗 How to help?...

Help users and developers of targets by answering questions!

The package targets maintained by Will Landau, and its companion packages, are pipeline tools, that coordinate the pieces of computationally demanding analysis projects. 🔗 Help sustain targets discussion forums! Are you a routined user of the targets package and of more targetopia packages? How about helping answer users questions on the GitHub discussion and issue forums for these packages? This would help lighten the maintenance load of those packages, and you’d get to help other users directly....

Help make assertr better! Come close issues

The package assertr maintained by Tony Fischetti, provides functionality to assert conditions that have to be met so that errors in data used in analysis pipelines can fail quickly. The provided functionality is similar to stopifnot() but more powerful, friendly, and easier for use in pipelines. 🔗 Contributed to assertr! The assertr issue tracker has a few tickets that you could help with, please have a look. You can also subscribe to be notified of new issues opened in this repository....

rOpenSci News Digest, February 2024

Code of conduct transparency report; coworking; new packages and package news

Beautiful Code, Because We’re Worth It!

rOpenSci’s second cohort of champions was onboarded! Their training started with a session on code style, which we will summarize here in this post. Knowing more about code quality is relevant to all Champion projects, be it creating a new package, submitting a package to software review, or reviewing a package. This training session consisted of a talk and discussion, whereas the next package development training sessions will be more hands-on....

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