rOpenSci Dev Guide 0.2.0: Updates Inside and Out

May 16, 2019

By:   Maëlle Salmon  |   Brooke Anderson  |   Scott Chamberlain  |   Anna Krystalli  |   Lincoln Mullen  |   Karthik Ram  |   Noam Ross  |   Melina Vidoni

As announced in our recent post about updates to our Software Peer Review system, all our package development, review and maintenance is available as an online book. Our goal is to update it approximately quarterly so it’s already time to present its second official version! You can read the changelog or this blog post to find out what’s new in our dev guide 0.2.0! A more legit and accessible book Let’s start with very exciting news, the dev guide now has a cover, designed by Oz Locke from Locke Creatives!

POWER to the People

May 14, 2019

By:   Adam Sparks

NASA generates and provides heaps of data to the scientific community. Not all of it is looking out at the stars. Some of it is looking back at us here on Earth. NASA’s Earth science program observes, understands and models the Earth system1. We can use these data to discover how our Earth is changing, to better predict change, and to understand the consequences for life on Earth. The Earth science program includes the Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) project, which was initiated to improve upon the current renewable energy data set and to create new data sets from new satellite systems.

Open Trade Statistics

May 9, 2019

By:   Pachá (aka Mauricio Vargas Sepúlveda)

Introduction Open Trade Statistics (OTS) was created with the intention to lower the barrier to working with international economic trade data. It includes a public API, a dashboard, and an R package for data retrieval. The project started when I was affected by the fact that many Latin American Universities have limited or no access to the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN COMTRADE). There are alternatives to COMTRADE, for example the Base Pour L’Analyse du Commerce International (BACI) constitutes an improvement over COMTRADE as it is constructed using the raw data and a method that reconciles the declarations of the exporter and the importer.

Relaunching the qualtRics package

April 30, 2019

By:   Julia Silge

rOpenSci is one of the first organizations in the R community I ever interacted with, when I participated in the 2016 rOpenSci unconf. I have since reviewed several rOpenSci packages and been so happy to be connected to this community, but I have never submitted or maintained a package myself. All that changed when I heard the call for a new maintainer for the qualtRics package. “IT’S GO TIME,” I thought.

When Standards Go Wild - Software Review for a Manuscript

April 18, 2019

By:   Stefanie Butland  |   Nick Golding  |   Chris Grieves  |   Hugo Gruson  |   Thomas White  |   Hao Ye

Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci Community Manager Some things are just irresistible to a community manager – PhD student Hugo Gruson’s recent tweets definitely fall into that category. I was surprised and intrigued to see an example of our software peer review guidelines being used in a manuscript review, independent of our formal collaboration with the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution (MEE). This is exactly the kind of thing rOpenSci is working to enable by developing a good set of practices that broadly apply to research software.

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