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Our First Peer-Reviewed Statistical R Packages!

rOpenSci is very excited to announce our first peer-reviewed statistical R packages! One of rOpenSci’s core programs is software peer-review, where we use best practices from software engineering and academic peer-review to improve scientific software. Through this, we aim to make scientific software more robust, usable, and trustworthy, and build a supportive community of practitioners. Historically, we have focused on R packages that manage the research data life cycle. Now, thanks to work over the past two years supported by the Sloan Foundation we also facilitate peer-review of packages that implement statistical algorithms....

Meeting the stars of the R-universe: R Community, Exchange and Learn

This is the first post of our interview series __"Meeting the stars of the R-universe"__. We begin our journey in _Argentina_ with a team that uses R and develops R packages in the Argentinean State.

Conociendo a las estrellas del universo R: comunidad R, intercambiar y aprender

Esta es la primera entrega de nuestra serie de entrevistas __"Conociendo a las estrellas del universo R"__. Iniciamos nuestro recorrido en _Argentina_ y con un equipo que utiliza R y desarrolla paquetes de R en el estado Argentino.

rOpenSci News Digest, November 2022

Multilingual publishing (Spanish!), champions program, coworking, Twitter alternatives, new packages and package news

Working together to push science forward

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