Introducing the 2018 rOpenSci Research Fellows!

  Karthik Ram   | FEBRUARY 14, 2018

rOpenSci’s mission is to enable and support a thriving community of researchers who embrace open and reproducible research practices as part of their work. Since our inception, one of the mechanisms through which we have supported the community is by developing high-quality open source tools that lower barriers to working with scientific data. Equally important to our mission is to build capacity and promote researchers who are engaged in such practices within their disciplinary communities.

.rprofile: Julia Stewart Lowndes

  Sean Kross   |   Kelly O'Briant   | FEBRUARY 9, 2018

Dr. Julia Stewart Lowndes [@juliesquid on Twitter] is the Science Program Lead for the Ocean Health Index and works at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. She and Sean Kross discussed how data science, open science, and community can help reproducibility in research. [This interview occurred at the 2017 rOpenSci unconference] SK: I’m Sean Kross, I’m the CTO of the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab. Today I’m interviewing Julia Stewart Lowndes.

Apply to attend rOpenSci unconf 2018!

  Stefanie Butland   | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

For a fifth year running, we are excited to announce the rOpenSci unconference, our annual event loosely modeled on Foo Camp. rOpenSci unconferences have a rich history. You can get a feel for them by reading collected stories about people and projects from unconf17. We’re organizing unconf18 to bring together scientists, developers, and open data enthusiasts from academia, industry, government, and non-profits to get together for a couple of days to hack on various projects and generally enrich our community.

The prequel to the drake R package

  Will Landau   | FEBRUARY 6, 2018

The drake R package is a pipeline toolkit. It manages data science workflows, saves time, and adds more confidence to reproducibility. I hope it will impact the landscapes of reproducible research and high-performance computing, but I originally created it for different reasons. This post is the prequel to drake’s inception. There was struggle, and drake was the answer. Dissertation frustration Sisyphus. My dissertation project was intense. The final computational challenge was to analyze multiple genomics datasets using an emerging method and its competitors.

Introducing Maëlle Salmon, rOpenSci’s new Research Software Engineer

  Stefanie Butland   |   Scott Chamberlain   | JANUARY 29, 2018

We’re very pleased to be introducing someone who needs no introduction in the R community. Join us in welcoming Maëlle Salmon to rOpenSci as a Research Software Engineer (part time, working from Nancy, France). We’d like to formally introduce her here and share a bit about the kinds of things she’ll be working on. Maëlle did a B.Sc. in Biology with an emphasis on maths and quantitative work, two Masters degrees - one in Ecology and one in Public Health - and a Ph.

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