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Meeting the Stars of the R-Universe: Researching Our Brain with the Magic of the R-Universe

Working with the human brain requires specific software and complex developments, however R appears as the natural way to collect hundreds of data that need to be analyzed and the R-Universe as the most friendly place to share and invite to collaborate. Our third stop bring us to Norway to talk with Athanasia Monika Mowinckel.

rOpenSci News Digest, March 2023

Interview of ThinkR Sébastien Rochette, package discovery on R-universe, coworking, new packages and package news

Meeting the Stars of the R-universe: ThinkR’s Approach to Contributing to a Growing and Friendly R Community

A new installment of our interview series “Meeting the stars of the R-Universe”. We go to France to get a closer look at the work of the people at ThinkR.

Discovering and learning everything there is to know about R packages using r-universe

The goal of r-universe is to provide a central place for browsing through the R ecosystem to discover what is out there, get a sense of the purpose and quality of individual packages, and help you get started in seconds.

rOpenSci Champions Program Kick off

The champions program has already started the first activities of 2023. Read where the participants are from and what they will be doing.

Working together to push science forward

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