rOpenSci | rOpenSci awarded $300k from the Sloan Foundation

rOpenSci awarded $300k from the Sloan Foundation

We’re delighted to announce that we have received additional funding from the Sloan Foundation to continue and expand our efforts from the past year.

We’re grateful for the overwhelming support from the community, especially through engagement at various events we organized and attended this past year. Over the next year we plan to: advance not only the technical infrastructure for accessing, managing, and synthesizing large and heterogeneous data, but also the social infrastructure of research to facilitate collaboration and exchange of data, methods, and ideas so they can be easily reproduced and extended. Over the next several months you can expect to see various tools that allow for seamless data interoperability, a comprehensive spatial and mapping toolkit, and a new suite of tools to support reproducibility.

Many thanks to Sloan for continuing this relationship. Thanks especially to the Program Director Josh Greenberg for championing our vision for better science, the reviewers for critical feedback, and to everyone who wrote us a letter of support. We’re thrilled to bring on additional full-timers and work towards becoming a sustainable project.