rOpenSci | NCEAS Codefest

NCEAS Codefest

We’re delighted to be sponsoring the upcoming Open Science Codefest in Santa Barbara, California, alongside RENCI, NCEAS, NSF, DataONE, and Mozilla Science Lab. The Open Science Codefest’s goal is to gather researchers from across ecology, biodiversity science, and other earth and environmental sciences with programmer types to collaborate on coding projects. The ideas for the event so far include not just coding projects with the end result being software, but conversations on particular topics that may or my not lead to code being written.

Our hackathon last March was a great success. We gathered a diverse group of people in San Francisco to work on rOpenSci software, improving both existing projects, and also starting new and interesting ones. Check out a video of the event on youtube. This event was invaluable in strengthening our community, and we hope that the Open Science Codefest will be equally successful.

There are some great projects already proposed, including:

If you have other ideas that you want to toss into the bag for the Open Science Codefest, post as a new issue in the Github repo for the event.

Ted Hart and I will be at this event representing the rOpenSci core so please come chat with us about ideas for packages or other new collaborations. We’re looking forward to contributing to discussions, writing code, and making new connections.