Unconf projects 2: checkers, gramr, data-packages, exploRingJSON

  Scott Chamberlain

June 6, 2017

Following up on Stefanie’s recap of unconf 17, we are following up this entire week with summaries of projects developed at the event. We plan to highlight 4-5 projects each day, with detailed posts from a handful of teams to follow.


Summary: checkers is a framework for reviewing analysis projects. It provides automated checks for best practices, using extensions on the goodpractice package.

In addition, checkers includes a descriptive guide for best practices.

Team: Laura DeCicco, Noam Ross, Alice Daish, Molly Lewis, Nistara Randhawa, Jennifer Thompson, Nicholas Tierney

Github: https://github.com/ropenscilabs/checkers


Summary: gramr is a package that wraps the command line tool write-good to provide grammar checking functions for Rmd or md documents. It can be used as an RStudio Addin, or from the console or command line by supplying an Rmd or md filename.

p.s. Two of the three (Ben/Gordon) were remote participants.


Team: Jasmine Dumas, Ben Marwick, Gordon Shotwell

Github: https://github.com/ropenscilabs/gramr


Summary: The data-packages team created a suite of outputs, including a flexdashboard with a searchable table to query dataset metadata.


In addition, the team created a best practices document for data packages, a Twitter bot @rstatsdata that tweets about datasets in R packages on CRAN, and they have plans for future work.

Team: Jakub Nowosad, Andy Teucher, Joseph Stachelek, Richie Cotton, Claudia Vitolo

Github: https://github.com/ropenscilabs/data-packages


Summary: The exploRingJSON project includes a survey of R packages that deal with JSON data, a package (https://github.com/sctyner/JSOmetaN) to get high level metadata for JSON data, and a Shiny app to explore JSON.



Sam Tyner, Kelly O’Briant, Katherine Scranton

Github: https://github.com/ropenscilabs/exploRingJSON