rOpenSci | Unconf projects 3: available, miner, rcheatsheet, ponyexpress

Unconf projects 3: available, miner, rcheatsheet, ponyexpress

Continuing our series of blog posts (day 1, day 2) this week about unconf 17.

🔗 available

Summary: Ever have trouble naming your software package? Find a great name and realize it’s already taken on CRAN, or further along in development on GitHub? The available package makes it easy to check for valid, available names, and also checks various sources for any unintended meanings. The package can also suggest names based on the description and title of your package.

available Package

Team: Jim Hester, Carl Ganz, Gábor Csárdi, Molly Lewis, Rachel Tatman


🔗 miner

Summary: The miner package provides a nice interface to the Minecraft API and allows users to manipulate the Minecraft world from a few simple functions. The package is designed with the intention of encouraging new users to learn R by writing scripts to automate activities inside Minecraft.

Inserting ggplots into MineCraft

Team: Brooke Anderson, Karl Broman, Gergely Daróczi, Mario Inchiosa, David Smith, Ali Zaidi

miner team


🔗 rcheatsheet

Summary: RStudio pioneered the idea of having beautiful cheatsheets for R packages. Creating them however, is quite time consuming and requires effort to maintain as packages evolve. The rcheatsheet package makes it easy for any package author to quickly generate beautiful cheatsheets from a simple table stored on a Google sheet or a local table. This short slide deck provides a quick overview

R cheat sheet

Team: Diana Ly, Ramnath Vaidyanathan


🔗 ponyexpress

Summary: Need to write custom emails to a large group of people? ponyexpress makes it possible to create custom emails based on various fields of a data frame (final grades for a class, abstract acceptances for a workshop, project assignments for a hackathon, or just about anything else) and quickly sends them from your Gmail account.

The package also provides custom template to make it easy to write rich html emails.

Team: Karthik Ram, Lucy D’Agostino McGowan