rOpenSci | Unconf projects 5: mwparser, Gargle, arresteddev

Unconf projects 5: mwparser, Gargle, arresteddev

And finally, we end our series of unconf project summaries (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4).

🔗 mwparser

Summary: Wikimarkup is the language used on Wikipedia and similar projects, and as such contains a lot of valuable data both for scientists studying collaborative systems and people studying things documented on or in Wikipedia. mwparser parses wikimarkup, allowing a user to filter down to specific types of tags such as links or templates, and then extract components of those tags.

Team: Oliver Keyes


🔗 Gargle

Summary: Gargle is a library that provides authentication for Google APIs but without all the agonizing pain. The package provides helper functions (for httr) to support automatic retries, paging, and progress bars for API calls.

Team: Craig Citro


🔗 arresteddev

Summary: This package is designed to help troubleshoot errors that come up during package and analysis development. As of now, the package helps track tracebacks and errors but more functionality is planned for the future.

Team: Lucy D’Agostino McGowan, Karthik Ram, Miles McBain