rOpenSci | Community Call - rOpenSci Software Review and Onboarding

Community Call - rOpenSci Software Review and Onboarding

Are you thinking about submitting a package to rOpenSci’s open peer software review? Considering volunteering to review for the first time? Maybe you’re an experienced package author or reviewer and have ideas about how we can improve.

Join our Community Call on Wednesday, September 13th. We want to get your feedback and we’d love to answer your questions!

🔗 Agenda

  1. Welcome (Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci Community Manager, 5 min)
  2. guest: Noam Ross, editor (15 min) Noam will give an overview of the rOpenSci software review and onboarding, highlighting the role editors play and how decisions are made about policies and changes to the process.
  3. guest: Andee Kaplan, reviewer (15 min) Andee will give her perspective as a package reviewer, sharing specifics about her workflow and her motivation for doing this.
  4. Q & A (25 min, moderated by Noam Ross)

🔗 Speaker bios

Andee Kaplan is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University. She is a recent PhD graduate from the Iowa State University Department of Statistics, where she learned a lot about R and reproducibility by developing a class on data stewardship for Agronomists. Andee has reviewed multiple (two!) packages for rOpenSci, iheatmapr and getlandsat, and hopes to one day be on the receiving end of the review process.

Andee on GitHub, Twitter

Noam Ross is one of rOpenSci’s four editors for software peer review. Noam is a Senior Research Scientist at EcoHealth Alliance in New York, specializing in mathematical modeling of disease outbreaks, as well as training and standards for data science and reproducibility. Noam earned his Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California-Davis, where he founded the Davis R Users’ Group.

Noam on GitHub, Twitter

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