2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, December 2019

  Stefanie Butland

December 20, 2019


rOpenSci HQ


Software Peer Review

5 community-contributed packages passed software peer review.

baRcodeR - Label Creation for Tracking and Collecting Data from Biological Samples. Author: Yihan Wu; Reviewers: Rayna Harris, Lluís Revilla; Read the Review

eia - API Wrapper for ‘US Energy Information Administration’ Open Data. Author: Matthew Leonawicz; Reviewers: David Ranzolin, Philipp Ottolinger; Read the Review

mapscanner - R package to print maps, draw on them, and scan them back in. Author: Mark Padgham; Reviewers: Kelly Hondula, Nicholas Potter; Read the Review

photosearcher - Searches Flickr for photographs and metadata. Author: Nathan Fox; Reviewers: Monica Gerber, Zhian Kamvar; Read the Review

workloopR - Analysis of Work Loops and Other Data from Muscle Physiology Experiments. Author: Vikram B. Baliga; Reviewers: Julia Romanowska, Eric Brown; Read the Review


Consider submitting your package or volunteering to review.




3 new packages from the community are on CRAN.

  • baRcodeR - Label Creation for Tracking and Collecting Data from Biological Samples
  • lightr - Import spectral data and related metadata in R
  • mauricer - Install BEAST2 packages from R


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hex logos from rnassqs, rmangal, workloopR, skimr packages


Use Cases

  • 51 published works cited or used rOpenSci software (listed in individual newsletters)
  • 9 use cases for our packages or resources were posted in our discussion forum Look for crminer, magick, rcrossref, rerddap, rorcid, tabulizer, tidyhydat, tidync, weathercan.

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