rOpenSci | Want to Intern with rOpenSci’s Community Manager?

Want to Intern with rOpenSci’s Community Manager?

Want to get some hands-on insights into running an open source community? Here’s an opportunity to work with me, rOpenSci’s Community Manager, on some non-code community-related work. I am looking for someone to work 1 day a week for 12 to 14 weeks.

Working alongside rOpenSci’s Community Manager, Stefanie Butland, you will use guidelines and checklists to help run some of our established programs like our Blog and Community Calls. Tasks include:

  • Reviewing and editing community-contributed blog posts via Git and GitHub, publishing them to our website, and drafting and scheduling tweets to promote them
  • Publishing information on upcoming Community Calls to the rOpenSci website, promoting them through multiple channels, and post-Call video editing
  • Monitoring social media for use cases of rOpenSci packages or resources, encouraging people to share those in our public forum, and scheduling tweets to promote them
  • Drafting and scheduling tweets when an rOpenSci package is featured in RViews Top 40, highlighted in R-Weekly monthly news, or similar digests
  • Sharing your opinions with us on how we can improve any of these

Who are you? You are familiar with R communities, understand that it’s people that make software, and you have a sense of community building with a “what’s it like to be you” perspective. You have a working knowledge of Git and GitHub, are skilled in written and spoken communication, grammar, and editing in English and are comfortable communicating on Twitter.

Location: The position is remote and ideally you should be not too far from Stefanie’s Pacific timezone (UTC -8).

Compensation of $3,000 for 100 hours work over 12 to 14 weeks has been made available through a NumFOCUS Small Development Grant to rOpenSci.

Want to apply? Complete this form by February 3, 2020.

Questions? Take your time, ponder over the holidays and email stefanie at after January 2, 2020.