rOpenSci | Thank You, 2019

Thank You, 2019

We mean it.

On behalf of rOpenSci, thank you to everyone who has contributed their creativity, curiosity, smarts, and time in the last year. We are fortunate to have paid staff who work to build technical and social infrastructure to lower barriers to working with research data. But it is our community, built on trust, that binds us together and helps us see who we are working for.

Many people have submitted their R packages for software peer review (31)1, reviewed those packages (~60), contributed some code or documentation to a package (117 people made their first code contribution to rOpenSci this year), (co-)authored a blog post or tech note about their package or an rOpenSci resource (48 authors), shared a use case to help package authors see how their work is being used and help other users imagine how they can apply it (26 people), attended a Community Call (331 people in 23 countries), cited our software (306 citations of 122 packages), asked or answered questions, explored project ideas, or gave us a generous shoutout in a talk, a post, or on Twitter.

Some people’s volunteer contributions this year warrant a special mention

Thank you all for making rOpenSci.

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  1. numbers reported are from Nov 1, 2018 to Oct 31, 2019 ↩︎