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rOpenSci Code of Conduct Annual Review

One year ago, we released our new Code of Conduct. At that time, the Code of Conduct Committee (authors of this post) agreed to do an annual review of the text, reporting form, and our internal guidelines.

We have made one change to the Code of Conduct text. Because some people who have experienced abuse prefer not to label themselves as a victim, in “We are committed to transparency with our community while upholding the privacy of victims” we edited to “… upholding the privacy of victims and people who report incidents”.

With this change, this will be version 2.1, dated January 15, 2020.

We are pleased to report that we, the Code of Conduct Committee members, Stefanie Butland (rOpenSci Community Manager), Scott Chamberlain (rOpenSci Co-founder and Technical Lead), and Kara Woo (independent community member), all wish to continue serving in 2020. We are responsible for receiving, investigating, deciding, enforcing and reporting on all reports of potential violations of our Code.

We welcome your feedback by email to conduct at, and we thank you for working with us to make rOpenSci a safe, enjoyable, friendly and enriching experience for everyone who participates.