rOpenSci | rOpenSci 2019 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

rOpenSci 2019 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

In January 2019, we announced the release of rOpenSci’s Code of Conduct version 2.0. This includes a named Committee, greater detail about unacceptable behaviors, instructions on how to make a report, and information on how reports are handled. We are committed to transparency with our community while upholding of victims and people who report incidents.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all people participating in the rOpenSci community, including rOpenSci staff and leadership. It applies to all modes of interaction online including GitHub project repositories, the rOpenSci discussion forum, Slack, Community Calls, and in person at rOpenSci-hosted events or events officially endorsed by rOpenSci, including social gatherings affiliated with an event.

In 2019, we received one Code of Conduct incident report. We published a brief, anonymized summary in our forum in a dedicated, read-only category.

🔗 Summary of Reported Incidents

We received a code of conduct report for demeaning comments made on rOpenSci’s Slack. One committee member was recused from handling this report; the remaining members reviewed the messages and determined that they violated the code of conduct. We contacted the sender and informed them that such comments are not acceptable under our CoC. We also informed the reporter of our decision and the outcome.