rOpenSci | 2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, April 2020

2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, April 2020

🔗 rOpenSci HQ

  • The recording, collaborative notes and links to community discussion and resources are up for our latest Community Call on Maintaining an R package. Panel moderated by Julia Silge included Elin Waring, Erin Grand, Leonardo Collado-Torres, and Scott Chamberlain.


🔗 Software Peer Review

1 staff-contributed package passed software peer review.

On March 16, we paused new submissions for software peer review for 30 days (possibly longer) in the interest of reducing load on reviewers and editors in light of the COVID-19 crisis.


🔗 Software

5 new packages from the community and our staff are on CRAN.

hex logos of R packages osfr outsider opentripplanner taxadb


🔗 On the Blog

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🔗 Use Cases

  • 76 published works cited or used rOpenSci software (listed in individual newsletters)

  • 2 use cases for our packages or resources were posted in our discussion forum Look for microdemic, magick

Have you used an rOpenSci package? Share your use case and we’ll tweet about it.


🔗 From the Forum

We have a discussion forum (using Discourse) for the rOpenSci community. It’s a really nice way to have conversations on the internet. From time to time we’ll highlight recent discussions of interest.


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