rOpenSci | 2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, December 2020

2 Months in 2 Minutes - rOpenSci News, December 2020

🔗 rOpenSci HQ

We’re thrilled to announce three new rOpenSci Software Review Editors: Laura DeCicco, Julia Gustavsen, and Mauro Lepore and we released the fifth version (v0.5) of the rOpenSci Developer Guide.

Our Community Call on The Wild World of Data Repositories took place Dec 16 with an audience of 153 people! The video will be posted, along with collaborative notes and resources, by Dec 21.

🔗 Software Peer Review

2 community-contributed packages passed software peer review.

6 packages have been submitted for review.

We will not be accepting new submissions during the period Dec 19-Jan 3, nor engaging in editorial activity on reviews underway. Happy Holidays!

Consider submitting your package or volunteering to review. If you want to be a reviewer fill out this short form, and we’ll ping you when there’s a submission that fits in your area of expertise.

🔗 Software

7 new packages on CRAN.

🔗 On the Blog

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🔗 Use Cases

  • 63 published works cited or used rOpenSci software (listed in individual newsletters)

  • 5 use cases for our packages or resources were posted in our discussion forum. Look for av, magick, osmdata, rnaturalearth, rtweet, stplanr, taxlist

Have you used an rOpenSci package? Share your use case and we’ll tweet about it.

🔗 Get involved with rOpenSci

We maintain a Contributing Guide to help you recognize yourself as a potential contributor. (You don’t have to be a developer!) It will help you figure out what you might gain by giving your time, expertise, and experience; match your needs with things that will help our mission; and connect you with resources to help you along the way.

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