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rOpenSci Code of Conduct Annual Review

Our community is our best asset. It’s so important to us, it’s in our mission statement. We recognize that communities are not inclusive by default; they require deliberate attention, including an enforceable Code of Conduct.

rOpenSci is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and harassment-free experience for everyone. We welcome people of all backgrounds and identities, including but not limited to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We are anti-racist. We welcome anyone, no matter their technical expertise, career stage, or work sector.

We are all supported by rOpenSci’s Code of Conduct that applies to all people participating in the rOpenSci community, including rOpenSci staff and leadership. It applies to all modes of interaction online including GitHub project repositories, the rOpenSci discussion forum, Slack, Community Calls, and in person at rOpenSci-hosted events or events officially endorsed by rOpenSci, including social gatherings affiliated with the event. It is developed and enforced by a committee including rOpenSci staff and an independent community member.

Here we report on our annual review of rOpenSci’s Code of Conduct, reporting process, and internal guidelines for handling reports and enforcement.

🔗 Updates

  1. A change to the committee. After serving on the Code of Conduct Committee for two years, Scott Chamberlain is stepping down and Mark Padgham has joined. Committee members for 2021 are Stefanie Butland (rOpenSci Community Manager), Mark Padgham (rOpenSci Software Research Scientist) and Kara Woo (independent community member). We are responsible for receiving, investigating, deciding, enforcing and reporting on all reports of potential violations of our Code.
  2. No changes have been made to the text of the Code
  3. This code of conduct now also applies to packages in the rOpenSci GitHub organization, as described in our package development guide.

With this change of committee members, this will be version 2.2, dated January 5, 2021.

We welcome your feedback by email to conduct at, and we thank you for continuing to work with us to make rOpenSci a safe, enjoyable, friendly and enriching experience for everyone who participates.