rOpenSci | rOpenSci at useR!2021 - Presentations from Staff and Community

rOpenSci at useR!2021 - Presentations from Staff and Community

Are you putting together your useR!2021 conference schedule this weekend? Four rOpenSci staff and lots of community members are giving presentations and there’s something for everyone!

🔗 Talks by rOpenSci staff

Jeroen Ooms, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, will give a keynote talk about the R-universe project on Friday, July 9, 12:30PM - 1:30PM UTC / 5:30AM PDT.

Stefanie Butland, Community Manager, will present on rOpenSci’s Model for Managing a Federated Open Source Software Community on Monday, July 5, 5:05PM UTC / 10:05AM PDT.

Mark Padgham, Software Research Scientist, will give a regular talk about his original autotest package for automatic testing of packages, on Tuesday, July 6, 8:45AM UTC / 1:45PM PDT.

Maëlle Salmon, Research Software Engineer, will give a tutorial, GET better at testing your R package! on Wednesday, July 7, 7-10AM UTC / 12AM PDT. This tutorial is about advanced testing of R packages, with HTTP testing as a case study. The tutorial has no spots left, but it will be recorded and materials are available online.

🔗 Talks about rOpenSci packages and peer review

Andrea Gilardi will talk about his rOpenSci-reviewed osmextract package osmextract: An R package to download, convert, and import large OpenStreetMap datasets, on Tuesday, July 6, 9:45AM UTC / 2:45AM PDT.

Michael Mahoney will talk about his rOpenSci-reviewed package terrainr in Virtual Environments: Using R as a Frontend for 3D Rendering of Digital Landscapes, on Tuesday, July 6, 11:55AM UTC / 5:15AM PDT.

Lluís Revilla Sancho will talk about Packages submission and reviews; how does it work?_ using data about review process of three archives of R packages, CRAN, Bioconductor and rOpenSci. That talk will happen in the same session as Stefanie’s presentation, on Monday, July 5, 5:45AM UTC / 10:45AM PDT.

Daniel Vartanian will talk about his mctq package currently under review in mctq: An R Package for the Munich ChronoType Questionnaire, on Tuesday, July 6, ~12:45AM UTC / 5:45PM PDT.

You can view the conference schedule in the timezone of your choice. For a screen-reader-accessible version of the schedule, see the schedule on ConfTool. Recordings of the presentations will be available after the conference.

We’re all excited to hear your feedback. Come talk to us!