rOpenSci | rOpenSci News Digest, August 2022

rOpenSci News Digest, August 2022

Dear rOpenSci friends, it’s time for our monthly news roundup!

You can read this post on our blog. Now let’s dive into the activity at and around rOpenSci!

🔗 rOpenSci HQ

🔗 Coworking sessions resume!

Join us for social coworking & office hours monthly on first Tuesdays! Hosted by Steffi LaZerte and various community hosts. Everyone welcome. No RSVP needed. Consult our Events page to find your local time and how to join.

Find out about more events.

🔗 New pkgcheck check for undocumented return values

Our pkgcheck checks now include an additional check that all functions have documented return values. This check is run on all new CRAN submissions, yet is not currently implemented on any other standard check systems (including R CMD check). Checking your packages with pkgcheck will now catch any functions which do not document return values, like in the report on this recent submission. All current checks are also listed in a new vignette.

🔗 Software 📦

🔗 New packages

The following package recently became a part of our software suite:

  • spiro, developed by Simon Nolte: Import, process, summarize and visualize raw data from metabolic carts. It has been reviewed by Manuel Ramon, and James Hunter.

Discover more packages, read more about Software Peer Review.

🔗 New versions

The following twenty-nine packages have had an update since the last newsletter: av (v0.8.0), babette (v2.3.2), beastier (v2.4.11), beautier (v.2.6.5), cffr (v0.2.3), circle (v0.7.2), datefixR (v1.1.0), drake (7.13.4), epair (v1.1.0), getCRUCLdata (v0.3.3), gittargets (0.0.4), GSODR (v3.1.5), mauricer (v2.5.2), mctq (v0.3.0), nasapower (v4.0.8), nodbi (v0.8.1), occCite (v0.5.6), rdhs (0.7.5), rglobi (v0.2.28), spiro (v0.1.0), stantargets (0.0.5), stplanr (v1.0.1), tarchetypes (0.7.0), targets (0.13.1), terrainr (v0.7.1), tidyhydat (0.5.6), tidytags (v1.0.2), tinkr (0.1.0), and unifir (v0.2.2).

🔗 Software Peer Review

There are sixteen recently closed and active submissions and 1 submission on hold. Issues are at different stages:

Find out more about Software Peer Review and how to get involved.

🔗 On the blog

🔗 Software Review

🔗 Other topics

🔗 Tech Notes

🔗 Call for maintainers

We’re looking for a new maintainer, or a new maintainer team, for each of the following packages:

If you’re interested, please comment in the issues or email [email protected].

For more info, see

🔗 Package development corner

Some useful tips for R package developers. 👀

🔗 Test your Shiny app with shinytest2!

Barret Schloerke developed a new package for testing Shiny apps, shinytest2. It was presented in a recorded RStudio conf talk.

🔗 Comparing package versions with Diffify

Diffify by Jumping Rivers provides you with a comparison between different versions of any R package stored on CRAN. Colin Gillespie presented it in a recorded RStudio conf talk.

🔗 pkgdown missing topics or missing articles

If pkgdown complains about missing reference topics or articles:

🔗 Last words

Thanks for reading! If you want to get involved with rOpenSci, check out our Contributing Guide that can help direct you to the right place, whether you want to make code contributions, non-code contributions, or contribute in other ways like sharing use cases.

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