rOpenSci | rOpenSci 2022 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

rOpenSci 2022 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

The rOpenSci community is supported by our Code of Conduct with a clear description of unacceptable behaviors, instructions on how to make a report, and information on how reports are handled. We, the Code of Conduct Committee, are responsible for receiving, investigating, deciding, enforcing and reporting on all reports of potential violations of our Code. We are committed to transparency with our community while upholding the privacy of people who experience or report incidents.

In 2022, we received one Code of Conduct incident report.

🔗 Summary of reported incident

  • Description of the incident: During a package review process, a reviewer was extremely negative on a public channel and posted messages publicly shaming the package’s authors with non-constructive feedback and comments.
  • Unacceptable behavior: public shaming and not complying with “be considerate in speech and actions.”
  • Community space: GitHub
  • Actions: We followed our protocols to investigate the incident and informed the reported and reporter of our decision and the outcome. We reinforced in communications that such comments are not acceptable under our CoC. We also changed the text of the CoC to include more examples from online spaces and suggested a change in the review guide to be more explicit about non-constructive feedback.
  • Observations: the reporter relayed that the reported apologized and that they do not require further actions. The reporter also suggested changes to the review guide and the CoC, which we have taken into account through changes described above.

This code of conduct belongs to the community. We welcome your feedback at any time by emailing [email protected].