rOpenSci | rOpenSci's Communication Channels for Safe and Friendly Exchange

rOpenSci’s Communication Channels for Safe and Friendly Exchange

As we anticipated in November 2022 the changes implemented by Twitter have generated a less safe and friendly space for our community. That is why from June 2023, we will stop interacting on this platform. We will maintain the account in hopes that we can return when Twitter is once again a safe and supportive space, but in the meanwhile will focus our communication efforts elsewhere.

We understand that until now Twitter has been one of the reference platforms for the R community, data, research and open science community but we have to be responsible and coherent with the spaces we choose for exchange and interaction and our values as a community and organization.

However, there are many other online spaces which can be used by our community and we have been working to develop our presence on platforms which allow us to promote a welcoming and diverse community.

Here we outline the different communication channels of rOpenSci. Remember that you can always visit the Contributing Guide for a more in depth exploration of how you can be involved in the rOpenSci community and what that can do for you!

As always, in all of our spaces and communication channels, we are committed to ensuring safe, accessible, open, diverse and friendly spaces. See our code of conduct for more details.

🔗 Mastodon

We joined Mastodon in November along with a large number of friend communities and members of our community. After exploring different instances, we selected one that is aligned with our mission and that allows us to communicate in several languages. We also developed tools to share our content there.

🔗 Newsletter and Blog

Our monthly newsletter is a permanent update on the most important news and project developments. You can subscribe via email or read it on the blog. On our blog you will also find articles, technical notes, interviews and updates. You can read it on the web, receive a digest via the newsletter, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

🔗 Discussion forum

Exchanges are always enriching for our work and it is in these spaces where new challenges and ideas arise. Join us in the discussion forum, and learn more about how you can interact in this space.

🔗 Events

Community calls, our coworking sessions and our participation in events and conferences are other spaces where you can interact with other community members and the rOpenSci team.
Check our calendar (or read the newsletter) to find out when and where they are happening.

🔗 See you around!

So while things change, we hope you are able to continue to join us in new and fun online spaces, and that we can continue to support each other along our journeys to open and reproducible science!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can write us at [email protected]. Also, we’d love to hear of other channels you think we should explore.