rOpenSci | Help make assertr better! Come close issues

Help make assertr better! Come close issues

The package assertr maintained by Tony Fischetti, provides functionality to assert conditions that have to be met so that errors in data used in analysis pipelines can fail quickly. The provided functionality is similar to stopifnot() but more powerful, friendly, and easier for use in pipelines.

🔗 Contributed to assertr!

The assertr issue tracker has a few tickets that you could help with, please have a look. You can also subscribe to be notified of new issues opened in this repository.

🔗 How to help?

Volunteer in an open issue, then once you get a green light, go ahead and start a PR! This workflow will avoid duplicate work which could happen if several people start solving the same issue at the same time.

🔗 Thank you!

Thank you! Interested in contributing in other ways to rOpenSci? Do not miss our contributing guide. Also stay tuned for more similar posts about maintainers’ specific call for contributions. Last but not least, if you maintain an rOpenSci package and would like to put out such a call, get in touch with us.