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Help users and developers of targets by answering questions!

The package targets maintained by Will Landau, and its companion packages, are pipeline tools, that coordinate the pieces of computationally demanding analysis projects.

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Are you a routined user of the targets package and of more targetopia packages? How about helping answer users questions on the GitHub discussion and issue forums for these packages? This would help lighten the maintenance load of those packages, and you’d get to help other users directly.

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Subscribe to the relevant trackers and contribute whenever you have time: please add your thoughts and comments on issues and discussions!

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Thank you! Interested in contributing in other ways to rOpenSci? Do not miss our contributing guide. Also stay tuned for more similar posts about maintainers’ specific call for contributions. Last but not least, if you maintain an rOpenSci package and would like to put out such a call, get in touch with us.