rOpenSci | R-Universe Documentation Gets a Boost from Google Season of Docs

R-Universe Documentation Gets a Boost from Google Season of Docs

We are excited to announce that R-Universe has been awarded a Google Season of Docs grant. R-Universe is rOpenSci’s platform for testing, building, distributing, and discovering R packages, led by Jeroen Ooms. It provides no-setup continuous integration, compilation for all platforms (including WebR!), accessible HTML R package manuals, a comprehensive API, and the ability for users or organizations to create their own “universes” - package repositories with their standards, participation and publishing criteria. R-Universe seamlessly incorporates packages from CRAN and Bioconductor: tracks, builds, and tests over 24,000 packages by 12,000 maintainers and 21,000 contributors, with over 600 custom package registries so far.

With the support of Google, we aim to update and centralize our documentation, showcasing how users and developers can get the most out of R-Universe. We will update the documentation to catch up with the rapid feature development of the past two years, including consolidating our many tech notes and READMEs into an easily discoverable site. We will build the site with Quarto to make it straightforward for R community members to contribute.

The work will be led by Maëlle Salmon, who also maintains rOpenSci’s Developer Guide, and is the author of many other resources such as the R-hub documentation website and blog and the R-Ladies Organizational Guide.

You can read more about the project in our proposal.

We are grateful to Google for supporting this project and the opportunity to make R-Universe more useful and accessible to the community of R developers and users.

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