Community Call - Security for R

April 9, 2019

By:   Stefanie Butland  |   Ildi Czeller  |   Bob Rudis

“Security” can be a daunting, scary, and (frankly) quite often a very boring topic. BUT!, we promise that this Community Call on May 7th will be informative, engaging, and enlightening (or, at least not boring)! Applying security best practices is essential not only for developers or sensitive data storage but also for the everyday R user installing R packages, contributing to open source, working with APIs or remote servers. However, keeping up-to-date with security best practices and applying them meticulously requires significant effort and is difficult without expert knowledge.

Getting your toes wet in R: Hydrology, meteorology, and more

April 2, 2019

By:   Sam Albers  |   Ilaria Prosdocimi  |   Sam Zipper

Importance of Hydrology Given that liquid water is essential to life on Earth, water research cuts across numerous disciplines including hydrology, meteorology, geography, climate science, engineering, ecology, and more. Numerous R packages have emerged from this diversity of approaches, and we recently gathered many of them into a new rOpenSci task view which we broadly titled ‘Hydrology’ and published to CRAN. Our intent is to be exhaustive and compile R packages to access, model, and summarise information related to the movement of water across the Earth’s landscape.

Community Call - Research Applications of rOpenSci Taxonomy and Biodiversity Tools

March 11, 2019

By:   Stefanie Butland

Our next Community Call, on March 27th, aims to help people learn about using rOpenSci’s R packages to access and analyze taxonomy and biodiversity data, and to recognize the breadth and depth of their applications. We also aim to learn from the discussion how we might improve these tools. Presentations will start with an introduction to the topic and details on some specific packages and we’ll hear from several people about their “use cases in the wild”.

stats19: a package for road safety research

February 26, 2019

By:   Layik Hama  |   Robin Lovelace

Introduction stats19 is a new R package enabling access to and working with Great Britain’s official road traffic casualty database, STATS19. We started the package in late 2018 following three main motivations: The release of the 2017 road crash statistics, which showed worsening road safety in some areas, increasing the importance of making the data more accessible. The realisation that many researchers were writing ad hoc code to clean the data, with a huge amount of duplicated (wasted) effort and potential for mistakes to lead to errors in the labelling of the data (more on that below).

Community Call Follow-up - Governance of Open Source Research Software Organizations

February 12, 2019

By:   Dan Sholler

We tend to know a good open source research software project when we see it: The code is well-documented, users contribute back to the project, the software is licensed and citable, and the community interacts and co-produces in a healthy, productive fashion. The academic literature 1 and community discourse 2 around research software development offer insight into how to promote the technical best-practices needed to produce some of these project attributes; however, the management of non-technical, social components of software projects are less visible and therefore less often discussed in best-practice pieces.

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