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rOpenSci News Digest, May 2024

Champions program update, metadat, new packages and package news

Communication Tips for your Open-Source Project

Do you maintain an open-source project like an R package or a collection thereof, and wonder how to best use various communication channels to inform and engage with your community of users? We’ve consolidated this list of tips. Some of them are required in our opinion, others are simply nice to have. 🔗 Required: Having good release notes Since you’re developing a product, the first act of communication is to write informative release notes....

rOpenSci News Digest, April 2024

R-universe docs thanks to GSOD, community calls, new packages and package news

Fostering Equity and Leadership: the rOpenSci Champions Program Selection Process

The rOpenSci Champions Program fosters inclusivity and diversity in R and open science, emphasizing community engagement and project innovation through a detailed selection process.

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