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Program Details - Mentors

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The rOpenSci Champions Program is for people from historically and systematically excluded groups who are interested in contributing to rOpenSci and the broader ecosystem of open source and open science communities. After receiving training, mentors will work with Champions to develop their project, which can be one of the following options:

  • Create a new package;

  • Go through the review process with an R package they have already developed;

  • Serve as a reviewer for the rOpenSci software peer review system.

Mentors may also support Champions with delivering other activities like: giving a talk, writing blog posts, and teaching other community members.

🔗 Role description

Mentors will play a vital role in the rOpenSci Champions Program by helping select Champions and advising and inspiring their mentees. Mentors will also connect their mentees to people, programs, and organizations; recommend, resources, readings, training, and experiences; and provide feedback on the mentee’s project.

We are seeking mentors from the rOpenSci community who have:

  • Demonstrated an understanding and ability to work openly and collaboratively;

  • The willingness to guide and teach others;

  • Previous experience with any of the following:

    • Developing, maintaining or contributing to any rOpenSci package or package which has gone through rOpenSci review, or

    • Participating in the rOpenSci review process, or

    • Package development and/or peer code review.

Mentors will gain mentoring experience and skills, be acknowledged on the rOpenSci website and social media channels, and make new connections across the Champions’ networks. By mentoring our selected Champions and helping to shape this program by providing feedback, mentors will also be giving back to the rOpenSci community in a great and meaningful way!

🔗 Expectations

The total time commitment is expected to be approximately 1-2 hours per month from October 2023 - November 2024 to complete the following tentative program timeline.

October, 2023Select ChampionsReview, rank and select 1-2 reviewed projects to mentor.2 h
November 2023Kick-off eventLearn about the program, review the program expectations, and address questions. Meet mentees.1.5 h
January - April 2024TrainingHow to mentor and logistics on the program.2 h
March-July 2024Meeting with menteeProvide feedback and guidance on mentee project. Connect with other experts, mentors or community members. Recommend training, resources for the mentee project.1 meeting per month 0.5 h
May 2024Cohort meeting [optional]: Champions will present their project and get feedback.1.5 h
August - November 2023Meeting with menteeProvide feedback and guidance on mentee project. Connect with other experts, mentors or community members. Recommend training, resources for the mentee project.1 meeting per month 0.5 h
July 2024Cohort meeting [optional]: Reflections on projectsChampions will be invited to share takeaways from their projects with the cohort.1.5 h
September 2024Cohort meeting [optional]: Reflections on eventsChampions will be invited to share takeaways from their events with the cohort.1.5 h
October 2024Cohort meeting: Reflections on programMentors will be invited to share takeaways from the program and help to define future roles for Champions.1.5 h
November 2024End of termClose cohort and define new roles for Champions and Mentors.1 h
A person with his dog working on a notebook.

🔗 Benefits of being a mentor

By becoming an rOpenSci mentor you will:

  • Empower members of historically and systematically excluded groups by sharing your expertise with others;
  • Connect with other mentors and with the champion community, expanding your professional network;
  • Gain mentoring experience and skills;
  • Gain exposure, recognition and acknowledgment for your work as a mentor in rOpenSci spaces (website, social media, events)
  • Help rOpenSci and the wider R community grow;
  • Co-develop this program and other rOpenSci projects by sharing feedback;

Mentors will participate in a training about mentoring and program logistics as part of their onboarding process and have the support of the Community Manager throughout the program.

🔗 Templates

We create a template with the information we request in the form so that you can prepare before to fill out (there is a spanish version of this template).

🔗 Do you have any questions?

Please, contact our Community Manager by email or book a 15 minutes meeting with her.

🔗 Frequently Asked Questions

🔗 Are mentors paid?

Mentor are not paid.

🔗 How many mentees will I have?

You will mentor one Champion.

🔗 Are the mentors trained?

Yes, we offer a training for mentors on how to be a mentor and the program logistic. We also offer a guide and resources for the mentoring task.

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