rOpenSci | The Wild World of Data Repositories · Community Call
December 16, 2020

The Wild World of Data Repositories

See below for speaker bios and resources including collaborative notes from the call.

There is no one-size-fits-all protocol for depositing your research data into a public repository in a way that maximizes its reuse and citation. We’ve assembled a panel that will help you understand the issues and opportunities for developing new tools and documentation.

This 1-hour event, moderated by Kara Woo, includes 5 speakers and 20 minutes for Q & A on:

  • Where and how to deposit data (or data + software!)
  • Challenges in data deposition for reuse
  • How to reuse data
  • Where are the gaps?

Speakers will cover nuances of general and domain-specific repositories (Dryad, the DataONE federation of repositories, Arctic Data Center), what curators look for, what to do when you want to deposit both data and software, designing tools to help researchers provide the right metadata to maximize reuse, making data reuse easier with R tools like piggyback, and their vision for new tools and documentation.

Index of video:

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 4:50 Topic introduction from Kara Woo
  • 7:37 Daniella Lowenberg
  • 12:06 Matt Jones
  • 18:08 Kara Woo
  • 26:29 Carl Boettiger
  • 33:45 Karthik Ram
  • 41:32 Q & A


Portrait of Kara Woo
Kara Woo

Kara Woo is a Principal Bioinformatics Engineer at Sage Bionetworks where she leads a team of developers building tools and infrastructure for open science. Kara is a member of the rOpenSci Code of Conduct committee. Kara on GitHub, Twitter, Website

Portrait of Daniella Lowenberg
Daniella Lowenberg

Daniella Lowenberg is the Product Manager at Dryad and Principal Investigator of Make Data Count within the California Digital Library at University of California. Daniella on GitHub, Twitter

Portrait of Matt Jones
Matt Jones

Matt Jones is Director of Informatics R&D at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), Principal Investigator of the NSF Arctic Data Center, and Director of DataONE at University of California Santa Barbara. Matt on GitHub, Twitter, Website

Portrait of Carl Boettiger
Carl Boettiger

Carl Boettiger is Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley, a Co-founder and strategic advisor of rOpenSci. Carl on GitHub, Twitter, Website

Portrait of Karthik Ram
Karthik Ram

Karthik Ram is a Senior Research Scientist with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Project Lead and Co-founder of rOpenSci, Editor for rOpenSci Software Peer Review. He has a PhD in Ecology and Evolution. Karthik on GitHub, Twitter, Website