rOpenSci | {targets} in Action · Community Call
January 31, 2023

{targets} in Action

The {targets} package is a pipeline tool for Statistics and data science in R. With {targets}, you can maintain a reproducible workflow without repeating yourself. {targets} learns how your pipeline fits together, skips costly runtime for tasks that are already up to date, runs only the necessary computation, supports implicit parallel computing, abstracts files as R objects, and shows tangible evidence that the results match the underlying code and data.

On this call Will, Eric and Joel will share their experience putting {targets} into action. Eric will share with us Using {targets} with HPC and Joel will talk about Using {targets} for bioinformatics pipelines, then Will will demonstrate Debugging {targets} pipelines.

See below for speaker bios and resources.


Portrait of Will Landau
Will Landau

Will Landau is the author of rOpenSci’s {targets} R package. He earned his PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University in 2016, and he now works at Eli Lilly and Company, where he develops methods and software for clinical statisticians.

Portrait of Eric Scott
Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a Scientific Programmer & Educator at University of Arizona. He has a background in chemical ecology and plant ecology and is a regular contributor to the {webchem} package. He has now attempted to make it easy to set up {targets} to harness the power of HPC from the comfort of an RStudio window at three universities—and succeeded at two!

Portrait of Joel Nitta
Joel Nitta

Joel Nitta is a Project Research Associate at the University of Tokyo. He studies the evolution and ecology of ferns, and is passionate about reproducible data analysis using R.