rOpenSci | A Journey through Arrow in R · Community Call
June 28, 2023

A Journey through Arrow in R

Apache Arrow is a software development platform for building high performance applications that process and transport large data sets. It is designed to improve the performance of data analysis methods, and to increase the efficiency of moving data from one system or programming language to another.

In this community call moderated by Stephanie Hazlitt, our speakers, Nic Crane and Jonathan Keane, will lead us through the Arrow R package.

See below for speaker bios and resources.


Portrait of Nic Crane
Nic Crane

Nic Crane is an R developer, educator, and general enthusiast, with a background in data science and software engineering. Nic is a member of the Apache Arrow Project Management Committee (PMC) and is the current maintainer of the arrow R package.

Portrait of Jonathan Keane
Jonathan Keane

Jonathan Keane is an engineering manager with a background in software engineering and data science. Jonathan is a part of the team who maintains the Arrow project including the Arrow R package.

Portrait of Stephanie Hazlitt
Stephanie Hazlitt

Steph Hazlitt is a data scientist, researcher and R enthusiast. She has spent the better part of her career wrangling data with R and supporting people and teams in learning, creating and sharing data science-related products and open source software.