rOpenSci | rOpenSci's R-universe Project · Community Call
May 25, 2021

rOpenSci’s R-universe Project

Index of video and slides

  • 0:00 Stefanie Butland, Welcome and introductions
  • 3:10 Jeroen Ooms, Getting started with R-universe
    • 3:57 What is R-universe? (slides)
    • 7:52 Browsing R packages in a universe (slides)
    • 12:05 Browsing articles in a universe (slides)
    • 14:07 API access to all the data! (slides)
    • 17:00 For whom is R universe intended? (slides)
    • 18:40 Example use-cases (slides)
    • 28:48 Global feeds connect the universes (slides)
    • 32:31 How to setup your own universe (slides)
  • 41:07 Karthik Ram, Big picture and context for the R-universe project
  • 42:58 Q & A

Setting up your own R universe

Earlier this year we announced R-universe: a project by rOpenSci under which we experiment with various ideas for improving publication and discovery of research software packages in R. The platform is under heavy development, Jeroen’s talk at rstudio-conf 2021 outlines some of our ambitions for the effort.

During the initial pilot, we were testing the system using published packages listed on CRAN and the rOpenSci registry. Now, we are gradually opening up the system to allow users to include any R packages into their own universe, to provide users with a personal space where they can publish experimental software, development versions, research compendia packages.

In this community call, we explain the basic steps of setting up your own universe, and getting started with publishing packages and articles on your personal subdomain. We are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas on how this infrastructure can improve how researchers publish and discover R packages and related content.

This 1-hour event, moderated by Karthik Ram, will have at least 20 minutes for audience Q & A.


Post your questions about the R-universe project to our public forum.


Portrait of Jeroen Ooms
Jeroen Ooms

Jeroen Ooms is rOpenSci’s Lead Infrastructure Engineer. He has a PhD in Statistics from UCLA. Jeroen on GitHub, Twitter, rOpenSci

Portrait of Karthik Ram
Karthik Ram

Karthik Ram is a Senior Research Scientist with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Director and Co-founder of rOpenSci, Editor for rOpenSci Software Peer Review. He has a PhD in Ecology and Evolution. Karthik on GitHub, Twitter, Website, rOpenSci