rOpenSci | Multilingual Publishing · Community Call
November 21, 2023

Multilingual Publishing

As global movements, Open Source and Open Science face language-based exclusion as most resources are in English. This affects scientists and research software engineers working in R, particularly those who don’t have English as their first language.

rOpenSci multilingual efforts aim to lower access barriers, democratize quality resources, and increase the possibilities of contributing to open software and science. We successfully piloted our Spanish-language peer review and the localization to Spanish of our comprehensive guide to software development, with Portuguese translation underway.

Maëlle, Paola, and Elio will share the rOpenSci Multilingual project details on this call. Maëlle will present the R packages that allow us to have our content in several languages. Then Elio and Paola will share the translation workflow and show the Translation Guide written to document the process.

See below for speaker bios and resources.


Portrait of Pao Corrales
Pao Corrales

Pao is a PhD candidate in atmospheric sciences working on severe weather forecasts in Argentina. She is also a professor at Universidad Nacional Guillermo Brown teaching R and related tools. She also develops open-licensed teaching materials and contributes to several communities of practise related to R.

Portrait of Elio Campitelli
Elio Campitelli

Elio is a a PhD student in atmospheric sciences at the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Research. They also maintain several open-source R packages (e.g., ggnewscale; metR) and contribute to other packages, such as data.table and ggplot2. Follow them on mastodon and check out their website.

Portrait of Maëlle Salmon
Maëlle Salmon

Maëlle Salmon is a R(esearch) Software Engineer, part-time with rOpenSci where she, among other things, created and maintains the babeldown and babelquarto R packages, and maintains the guide rOpenSci Packages: Development, Maintenance, and Peer Review. She also created the R-hub blog and co-wrote the book HTTP testing in R with Scott Chamberlain. She lives in Nancy, France. She’s an enthusiastic polyglot (of Latin and Germanic languages). Maëlle on GitHub, Mastodon, Website, rOpenSci.