rOpenSci | Expanding Software Peer Review: Statistical Package Standards at rOpenSci · Community Call
October 26, 2021

Expanding Software Peer Review: Statistical Package Standards at rOpenSci

This is the second in a series of 1-hour Community Calls on our statistical software review project.

We at rOpenSci have expanded the scope of our software peer review system to encompass explicitly statistical software. The first Community Call in this series covered new tools to help people prepare their software for submission. This time, we will address the bigger picture of how our community-informed development of standards for statistical packages meets a critical need of stakeholders. Noam Ross (EcoHealth Alliance and rOpenSci Software Review Lead) will catch everyone up on the project. Rebecca Killick (Lancaster University and rOpenSci Statistical Software Peer Review advisory committee) will offer insights into standardisation and the potential role our program might play in the future of statistical software and open source software in general. Juliane Manitz (EMD Serono and R Validation Hub) will offer a perspective on the use of open source software in regulated environments. Christoph Sax (cynkra) will share his experience as the first person to submit a package, tsbox, for review and aligning his software with our standards.

See below for speaker bios and resources.

Index of video:

  • 3:35 Noam Ross
  • 14:15 Rebecca Killick
  • 23:20 Christoph Sax
  • 33:30 Juliane Manitz


Portrait of Noam Ross
Noam Ross

Noam Ross is Principal Scientist for Computational Research at EcoHealth Alliance and rOpenSci Software Review Lead. He co-leads the rOpenSci Statistical Software Testing and Peer Review project. Noam on GitHub, Twitter, Website

Portrait of Rebecca Killick
Rebecca Killick

Rebecca Killick is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Statistics at Lancaster University, UK. Their research is in solving real-world problems for data whose statistical properties vary over time, by developing statistical methodology for changepoint detection (abrupt changes) and locally stationary (slowly varying) modelling. Killick has authored 4 CRAN packages and their changepoint package is used in over 70 different companies around the world, has been translated into other programming languages and cited more than 1,000 times. Killick is co-Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Statistical Software and a member of the rOpenSci Statistical Software Peer Review advisory committee. Rebecca on GitHub, Website

Portrait of Christoph Sax
Christoph Sax

Christoph Sax is a founder and partner at cynkra, a data science consulting firm from Zürich, Switzerland. An economist by training, he has a particular interest in time series research. He is the author of several R packages that are related to time series processing, such as seasonal and tsbox. Christoph on GitHub, Twitter, Website

Portrait of Juliane Manitz
Juliane Manitz

Juliane Manitz is a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry who currently works in the field of immuno-oncology at EMD Serono, MA USA. She has contributed to various R packages and is member of the R validation Hub executive committee working on software validation for usage in pharmaceutical trials. Juliane on GitHub, Website