rOpenSci | Mentoring & training program for Scientific Open Source Champions · Community Call
October 24, 2022

Mentoring & training program for Scientific Open Source Champions

Champions programs are designed to identify, recognize, and reward emerging leaders within a community. The rOpenSci Champions Program is part of a series of activities and projects we are carrying out to ensure our research software serves everyone in our communities, which means that it needs to be sustainable and open, and built by and for all groups.

On this call Santosh and Emanuele will share their experience of being champions in their communities. We will highlight the benefits of being part of a champions program for you and for your community, what kind of learning, activities and opportunities an open source community champions program provides. Yani will present the details of our Champion Program and answer all your question about it.

See below for speaker bios and resources.


Portrait of Santosh

Santosh works as Senior Software Engineer at Celonis, He is a GDE for Angular, GitHub Star, and an Auth0 Ambassador, he loves contributing to Angular, NgRx and Nx. He is co-founder for This is Learning where we run free publication and the This is Tech Talks show.

Portrait of Emanuele Bartolesi
Emanuele Bartolesi

Emanuele. I’m a Microsoft 365 Architect and I’m passionate about frontend technologies and everything related to the cloud, especially Microsoft Azure. I currently live in Zurich and actively participate in local and international community activities and events. I share my love for technology through my blog I also became Twitch Affiliate as a live coder and you can follow me at to write some code together. Since 2014 I’m Microsoft MVP in the Developer Technologies category. I am a GitHub Star since 2022.

Portrait of Yanina Bellini Saibene
Yanina Bellini Saibene

rOpenSci Community Manager. Yani also participates in leadership roles in several communities, such as R-Ladies, The Carpentries, R-Forwards and LatinR. She is the co-founder of MetaDocencia, LatinR, and R-Ladies Santa Rosa. She is an adjunct professor at the Universidad Nacional Guillermo Brown in Argentina and a GitHub Star since 2022.