rOpenSci is entirely a community driven effort. The project originally came together from conversations between like-minded researchers and continues to expand as more people contribute tools, expertise, and research ideas. We are now a fast growing global community of researchers, students, software developers, and various others working towards improving the world of science. We welcome you to join us and help improve tools and practices available to researchers.

How to join our community

If there is any project that excites you, please feel free to offer suggestions for improvement, new use cases, or fork a copy and send a pull request (We have a package status dashboard sortable by activity, milestones and open issues). We welcome new collaborators on any of our existing efforts. We suggest you start with a post to our discussion forum.

Contribute code

If you are the author of an R package, consider submitting the package to be included in our suite. More instructions are available on our onboarding repository. If you would like to learn how to develop a package to solve a problem with our help, drop us a note. We would love to hear from you. Once we accept it, you'll still continue developing the software but with the added benefit of our expertise, code review, and ideas. We'll bring greater visibility to your project and help promote your efforts while exploring connections with other tools in our suite.

Contribute ideas

If have an idea for a new one (this could be a new data source, a new tool to improve reproducibility, or something we haven't thought of yet) submit the idea to our wishlist. You can request help, collaborators, or simply suggest an idea for someone else to pick up.

Contribute user reports

We are always looking for reports, use cases, and stories from our users. If you'd like to write a package tutorial or guest blog post, we would love to post in on our website and share it with other researchers.

Speak about the project

If you already use and love any of our packages, we encourage you to give a talk or workshop at your institution. We can provide you with slides, notes, and possibly even some funds for refreshments and travel to help with your outreach efforts. Find out more about our ambassador program.

Join our calls and events

We now hold community calls open to everyone once every six weeks. Join us for one of these hour long video calls to hear about new projects, Q&As with well known developers, and to learn more about rOpenSci developments. View videos from past calls or find out about the next one.

If you're not quite ready to join us yet, you can follow our progress on Twitter, by watching any of our repositories or by attending community events near you.

Meet our community

Simon Goring
Simon is a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin, working on paleo-ecology. Simon maintains neotoma
David Winter
David is a recent PhD grad from University of Otago, working on evolutionary genetics. David maintains rentrez
Lee Marsh
Lee is a developer at the US National Phenology Network. Lee contributes to rnpn
Sara Varela
Sara is a biologist at the Department of Ecology of the Charles University in Prague. Sara maintains paleobioDB and rAvis with Javier.
Vijay Brave
Vijay is a graduate student at University of Kansas. Vijay contributes to rgbif and rvertnet
Rafael Maia
Rafael is a graduate student at University of Akron, working on development and evolution of iridescent colors in feathers. Rafael maintains rebird
Ramnath Vaidyanathan
Ramnath is a professor of Operations Management at McGill University in Montreal. Ramnath maintains rMaps
Barb Banbury
Barb is a postdoc. Barb contributes to Reol with Brian O'Meara
Thomas Leeper
Thomas is an Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour in the Government Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Thomas maintains dvn, and is a core maintainer of the WebTechnologies CRAN task view.
Ed Szöcs
Ed is a graduate student at University Koblenz-Landau, working on ecotoxicology. Ed contributes to taxize and maintains webchem
Toby Hocking
Toby was most recently a machine learning postdoc at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He contributes to plotly
Javier Gonzalez
Javier works is a freelance web developer. Javier maintains paleobioDB and rAvis with Sara.
Najko Jahn
Najko works at the Bielefeld University Library. Najko maintains europepmc
David Springate
David is a postdoc at University of Manchester, working on questions around large-scale electronic medical records. David maintains rpubmed in the new rOpenHealth sister community.
Stefan Widgren
Stefan Veterinary epidemiologist at the Swedish Zoonosis Centre, National Veterinary Institute in Uppsala. He develops git2r
Class Thido-Pfaff
Claas-Thido is a doctoral student at the new iDiv (Integrative Biodiversity Research) project in Leipzig. He maintains rbefdata and contributes to EML.
Brian O' Meara
Brian is a professor of ecology at University of Tennessee. He contributes to Reol with Barb
Hilary Parker
Hilary is a data analyst at Etsy, where she focuses on experiment-driven product development. Prior to Etsy, she got her PhD in Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins. In both of these roles she has been focused on reproducibility. She contributes to testdat.
Alyssa Frazee
Alyssa is a biostatistics PhD student at Johns Hopkins University working on computational biology problems involving lots of RNA-seq data. She contributes to testdat.
Ciera Martinez
Ciera is a PhD candidate studying Plant Biology. She's leading an effort to create a science reproducibility guide (code).
Martin Fenner
Martin is a developer with the Public Library of Science (PLOS). He is making an rOpenSci cookbook, a Ruby gem to wrap knitr called knitr-ruby and a Jekyll plugin for knitr called jekyll-knitr.
Gavin Simpson
Gavin is a Research Scientist at the University of Regina, leads the development of dependencies, and contributes to the rOpenSci cookbook.
Ben Marwick
Ben is an assistant professor of archaeology at the University of Washington and contributes to the science reproducibility guide (code).
Kate Crosby
Kate is a PhD candidate in plant ecological genetics and the data manager for Canadian Healthy Oceans. She contributes to OBIS.
Barry Rowlingson
Barry is a Research Fellow at Lancaster University, and a noisy member of the Open Source Geospatial Community. He likes mixing R, Python and QGIS. Barry maintains geonames.
Jeff Hollister
Jeff is a Research Ecologist with US EPA's Atlantic Ecology Division. He is currently contributing to the science reproducibility guide.
Ethan White
Ethan is an Associate Professor at Utah State University conducting research on data-intensive ecological questions. He maintains ecoretriever with Dan McGlinn.
Thiago Gonçalves-Souza
Thiago is a postdoc at Universidade Estadual de Campinas. He translates rOpenSci web content to Portuguese along with Diogo.
Diogo Provete
Diogo is a PhD student at Federal University of Goiás. He translates rOpenSci web content to Portuguese along with Thiago.
Luciano Sgarbi
Luciano is a PhD student in Ecology and Evolution at Federal University of Goiás. Luciano contributes to the paleobioDB package.
Karl Broman
Karl is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducting research on statistical genomics. He maintains the aRxiv package, and contributes to IEEER.
Alex Harkess
Alex is a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia. He contributes to the rglobi package.
Lincoln Mullen
Lincoln is an assistant professor of history at George Mason University. He maintains the cartographer, gender, historydata, internetarchive, textreuse, tokenizers, and USAboundaries packages.
Hilmar Lapp
Hilmar is the Director of Informatics at the Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB), Duke University. He contributes to the RNeXML package.
Rutger Vos
Rutger is a computational biologist at Naturalis. He contributes to the RNeXML package.
Matt Pennell
Matt is a PhD student at the Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies at the University of Idaho where he researches phylogenetics and comparative methods. Matt maintains chromer.
Gabor Csardi
Gabor is a postdoctoral research associate at the Department of Statistics, Harvard University. He contributes to the git2r package.
Abaghan Ghahraman
Abaghan is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Business, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He maintains the rGEM package.
Chris Ray
Chris is a postdoc at the Institute for Bird Populations, modeling point-count data. Chris contributes to the rvertnet package.
Tad Dallas
Tad is a graduate student in the University of Georgia's Odum School of Ecology. Tad maintains the helminthR package.
Oliver Keyes
Oliver works at the Wikimedia Foundation. He contributes to the wishlist
Kyle Hamilton
Kyle is a PhD student in psychology at UC Merced. Kyle maintains the RCryptsy and RStars packages.
Noam Ross
Noam is a disease ecologist at EcoHealth Alliance, where he studies dynamics and control of wildlife diseases. He serves on the ROpenSci review board.
Francois Michonneau
Francois is a postdoc at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience at the University of Florida. Francois maintains the rotl package.
Franz Krah
Franz is a PhD student at the Technische Universität München in Germany. Franz maintains the rusda package.
Will Pearse
Will is a post-doc at McGill University. Will contributes to the fulltext package.
Stefan Bache
Stefan is a Trading Analyst at Danske Commodities. Stefan contributes to the jqr package.
Julia Gustavsen
Julia is a PhD candidate at University of British Columbia. Julia is on our review board.
Kevin Ushey
Kevin is a software engineer at RStudio. Kevin co-maintains the rsnps package, and is on our review board.
Robin Lovelace
Robin is at the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK. Robin maintains the stplanr package.
Javier Otegui
Javier resides in Spain. Javier maintains the rgeospatialquality package.
Maëlle Salmon
Maëlle is a public health statistician at CREAL/ISGLOBAL. Maëlle maintains the ropenaq, opencage, geolocart, monkeylearn, and riem packages.
David Robinson
David is a data scientist at Stack Overflow. David maintains the gutenbergr package.
Peter Meissner
Peter is a computational social scientist. Peter maintains the robotstxt package.
Mark Padgham
Mark is at the Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg, Austria. Mark maintains the osmplotr package.
Gordon Shotwell
Gordon is a freelancer residing in Nova Scotia. Gordon maintains the convertr package.
Tony Fischetti
Tony is a data scientist at College Factual. Tony maintains the assertr package.
Joseph Brown
Joseph is a postdoc at the University of Michigan. Joseph helps maintain the rotl package.
Andy South
Andy is at The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Andy maintains the rnaturalearth package.
Elaine McVey
Elaine works at Transloc, and maintains the gtfsr package.
Danton Noriega-Goodwin
Danton works at Transloc, and maintains the gtfsr package.
Jaime Ashander
Jaime is a PhD candidate at UC Davis, and helps maintain the opendata task view.
Gabe Becker
Gabe works at Genentech, and maintains the genbankr package.