Upcoming Events

Event Date Location Attendees Description
Bristol R User Group 2019/08/20 Bristol, UK 🇬🇧   Rich FitzJohn Rich FitzJohn will talk about "Reproducible research and “productionising” research code". Other speakers include Nic Crane, Deirdre Toher.
Course: Tools for Southern Ocean Spatial Analysis and Modeling 2019/09/02 - 2019/09/06 Brussels, BE 🇧🇪   Anton Van de Putte Course offered in partnership among the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, rOpenSci, and the Antarctic Biodiversity Portal
RSEConUK 2019 2019/09/17 Birmingham, UK 🇬🇧   Anna Krystalli Poster: pkgreviewr - supporting rOpenSci package reviews through guidance, automation and templating
Reproducible workflows at scale with drake 2019/09/24 Community call (teleconference) 🌐 All are welcome Ambitious workflows in R, such as machine learning analyses, can be difficult to manage. A single round of computation can take several hours to complete, and routine updates to the code and data tend to invalidate hard-earned results. You can enhance the maintainability, hygiene, speed, scale, and reproducibility of such projects with the drake R package. drake resolves the dependency structure of your analysis pipeline, skips tasks that are already up to date, executes the rest with optional distributed computing, and organizes the output so you rarely have to think about data files. This talk demonstrates how to create and maintain a realistic machine learning project using drake-powered automation.
LatinR 2019 2019/09/25 - 2019/09/27 Santiago, CL 🇨🇱   Maëlle Salmon Maëlle Salmon will give a remote presentation (in Spanish!) on our open software peer review system.
rOpenSci Ozunconf19 2019/12/11 - 2019/12/13 Sydney, AU 🇦🇺   Steph Stammel ,   Karthik Ram 4th annual rOpenSci Ozunconf