rOpenSci | Social Coworking and Office Hours - Why be an R package reviewer?
May 3, 2022

Social Coworking and Office Hours - Why be an R package reviewer?

online, 🌐 • With François Michonneau, Steffi LaZerte.

Join us for 2 hours Tuesday, May 3rd, 9 AM North American Pacific / 16:00 UTC for
Social Coworking + Office Hours

This May we’re focusing on the theme Why be an R package reviewer? with community host François Michonneau, reviewer for rOpenSci Software Peer Review, Senior Director of Technology at The Carpentries, as well as maintainer of rOpenSci package rotl.

Come for the full 2 hrs or only as long as you need!


  • Prepare an R package for rOpenSci software review
  • Already in review? Respond to reviewer comments!
  • Already a reviewer? Work on a review you have scheduled!
  • Cowork independently on work related to R
    • Plan out that package you’ve always wanted to create
    • Work on packages that tend to be neglected
    • What ever you need to get done!


  • Meet community host, François Michonneau, and ask what it’s like to be a reviewer. Pros and cons? Tips and tricks?
  • Meet other package developers and rOpenSci staff in Zoom
  • Get answers to your questions
    • Ask your hosts
    • Ask your fellow developers
    • Discuss your work, best practices, or get advice and resources
  • Answer other developers questions!

We host Social Coworking + Office Hours on the first Tuesday of each month, alternating times to accommodate different parts of the world.

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