rOpenSci | Social Coworking and Office Hours - R in the Wild
June 4, 2024

Social Coworking and Office Hours - R in the Wild

📝 Collaborative notes

Join us for 2 hours Tuesday June 04, 09:00 Australian Western (01:00 UTC) for Social Coworking + Office Hours

This month we’re focusing on the theme R in the Wild with a team of community hosts! Ernest Guevarra, Tomás Zaba, Nicholus Tint Zaw, and Zython Paul Lachica, all of whom use R workflows in the wild for work either on their own or with teams.

Come for the full 2 hrs or only as long as you need!


  • Work on some of your own workflows
  • Explore how you might incorporate R workflows in your own work
  • Cowork independently on work related to R
    • Plan out that package you’ve always wanted to create
    • Work on packages that tend to be neglected
    • What ever you need to get done!


  • Meet our community hosts, and discuss R workflows in the wild!
  • Discuss challenges of incorporating R workflows on your own in the workplace
  • Meet other R users and rOpenSci staff in Zoom
  • Get answers to your questions
    • Ask your hosts
    • Ask your fellow coworkers
    • Discuss your work, best practices, or get advice and resources
  • Answer other coworkers’ questions!

We host Social Coworking + Office Hours on the first Tuesday of each month, alternating among timezones to accommodate different parts of the world.

Cohost Bios

Tomás Zaba

Tomás is from Mozambique and currently works for Accion contre la Faim (ACF) Canada as Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) Nutrition Specialist. He is also currently pursuing an MBA on Data Science and Analytics from Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP). Tomás has always had an interest in learning R in his previous roles doing nutrition analysis but it was only recently when he started the MBA at USP that this desire has materialised as R was part of his course. Tomás has progressed really well in his learning and has now been able create a script and related functions for one of the routine and repeated workflows on nutrition analysis and versioned this work on GitHub. He is now taking a journey into packaging up the functions he has created to make his first R package.

Nicholus Tint Zaw

Nicholus is from Myanmar/Burma but is currently based in Washington, DC in his research analysis role with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) after a stint as a Fellow and a Consultant for the World Bank. He left Myanmar to study Public Policy at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago in 2020 after many years working as a survey specialist, research associate, and research analysis for organisations such as Save the Children UK and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA). Nicholus has authored the R package {riyf} which implements recoding of survey data on infant and young child feeding (IYCF) and calculation of corresponding indicators. He has also co-authored the {micronutr} package which implements recoding of micronutrient survey data to determine micronutrient deficiencies in populations.

Zython Paul Lachica

Zython is from the Philippines and is a global health modeller. Zython holds a master’s degree in Modelling for Global Health employing a participatory and context-specific approach to address health issues, earned from the University of Oxford. As the Lead Researcher of the University of the Philippines Mindanao’s Center for Disease Watch and Analytics, his responsibilities encompass directing the R&D trajectory for both the Center and the university’s Health R&D roadmap, actively engaging in R&D collaboration discussions with regional centers for health development in Southern Philippines, overseeing daily operations, and leading the disease modelling efforts while mentoring junior colleagues and undergraduate students in the interdisciplinary applied modelling lab. Prior to his graduate studies, he gained four years of transdisciplinary experience in infectious and neglected tropical disease modelling as well as R&D leadership and management. This unique blend of experiences has honed his ability to fashion grassroots solutions, all geared towards tackling the real challenges faced by stakeholders.

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