rOpenSci | Maëlle Salmon Teaches R-pkg Dev at R-Ladies East Lansing & Chicago
March 26, 2021

Maëlle Salmon Teaches R-pkg Dev at R-Ladies East Lansing & Chicago

online, 🌐 • With Maëlle Salmon.

🕓 Friday, 26 March 2021 17:00 UTC

“Develop an R package”, they said… What does this even mean?

In this session with a live demo, we shall demystify the creation of an R package. R packages are mostly well-organized folders, and there are automatic tools to help. Let’s dive into the wonders of usethis! We shall also see why to create a package (or not). We shall furthermore explain how to improve your R package and your own package development skills. And how to solve the specific new challenges you will encounter! Last but not least we will discuss how to find your happy place in the world of R package development.

Do you want to be more of a devoted maintainer of one single package? Or perhaps a valued contributor to dozens of packages?

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R-Ladies East Lansing’s information on who can attend: “We encourage women and minority genders to present/lead most sessions, conversations but we have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to membership, participation, and discussions. So, please join us and bring your R-family & R-friends!”

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