rOpenSci | R-Ladies East Lansing Meetup
October 22, 2020

R-Ladies East Lansing Meetup

online, 🌐 • With Stefanie Butland, Brooke Anderson.

Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci’s Community Manager, will introduce rOpenSci and our new Contributing Guide.

Brooke Anderson, an rOpenSci Software Peer Review Editor (and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and a Faculty Associate in the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University in her day job) will introduce people to our peer review process.

R-Ladies East Lansing’s information on who can attend: “We encourage women and minority genders to present/lead most sessions, conversations but we have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to membership, participation, and discussions. So, please join us and bring your R-family & R-friends!” More information on their Meetup page.


The R Package Review Process. Perspectives from an rOpenSci Associate Editor
Brooke Anderson

Working together to push science forward

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