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If you were looking for issues where your expertise is needed, search no more! This list features issues for rOpenSci packages specifically labelled as "Help wanted" (meaning the package developer is actively soliciting help).
If you're just getting started with making contributions, check out the issues labelled "Good first issue", as a way to ease into the process. Remember that not all issues require code contributions, sometimes it's documentation, use cases, vignettes, etc.
See also our contributing guide for finding other ways to contribute to rOpenSci.

Issue Package Date Opened Issue Author Good First Issue?
Advertisting: answer to open question about opening binary files lightr 2021-04-07 Hugo Gruson yes
modify authors_georef so that API key can be saved within refsplitr refsplitr 2021-04-13 Emilio M. Bruna no
Vignette: Homogenizing ECCC Data from weathercan weathercan 2021-04-20 Steffi LaZerte no
Function to identify potentially continuous stations weathercan 2021-04-22 Steffi LaZerte no
Function documentation qcoder 2021-04-22 Elin Waring yes
Function for reading html data from the web. qcoder 2021-04-29 Elin Waring no
Allow access to a data other directories on Windows. qcoder 2021-03-18 no
Support session auth ruODK 2021-04-30 Florian Mayer no
Support user management ruODK 2021-04-30 Florian Mayer no
Support project management ruODK 2021-04-30 Florian Mayer no
Support form management ruODK 2021-04-30 Florian Mayer no
Support submission management ruODK 2021-04-30 Florian Mayer no
Make use of rhandsontable's read only features dataspice 2021-05-11 Bryce Mecum yes
replace httr with crul mregions 2017-02-27 Scott Chamberlain no
Update metadata format to accommodate more FAIR principles git2rdata 2021-06-21 Thierry Onkelinx no
Collect more spectra saved in other languages than English lightr 2021-06-22 Hugo Gruson no
GenAlg/GenSA runaway process nlrx 2021-09-18 Michael Duprey no
Add support for unicode gendercoder 2021-06-24 Mathew Ling no
{tabulizer} got archived on CRAN on 2021-10-31 tabulizer 2021-11-01 Patrick Schratz no
High RAM usage when using meta.retrieval prevents usage on low end machines biomartr 2019-05-29 no
ms_rectify_maps with type = "lines" mapscanner 2019-07-08 mark padgham no
[FEATURE] re-design of AND versus OR queries osmdata 2021-11-30 mark padgham no
Load data from QuantStudio qPCR systems tidyqpcr 2021-12-21 Edward Wallace no
Improve performance: Run many simulations on a single NetLogo instance nlrx 2022-01-04 Sebastian Hanß no
Support for terra landscapetools 2022-01-24 Bernardo Brandão Niebuhr no
New Maintainer Needed! rrricanes 2022-03-07 Maëlle Salmon no
List of datasets for c14bazAAR c14bazAAR 2022-04-10 Clemens Schmid no
Add support for chunk options via knitr 1.35 tinkr 2021-09-30 Zhian N. Kamvar no
Error in qualtrics_response_codes() for fetch_distributions() & 0 observations for all_mailinglists() qualtRics 2022-07-11 Zoe (Shiyu) Zhang no
Replace superseded "do" function calls tidyqpcr 2021-09-30 Samuel Joseph Haynes no
Call for co-maintainer MODIStsp 2022-09-30 Luigi Ranghetti no
Help wanted list tidyqpcr 2022-10-06 Edward Wallace no
Call for co-maintainers taxlist 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers tidync 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers :-) googleLanguageR 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers :-) refsplitr 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers :-) rtika 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers :-) dbparser 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Call for co-maintainers :-) assertr 2022-10-14 Maëlle Salmon no
Missing daily precipitation data in winter months on ncdc() calls rnoaa 2022-09-01 no
Regenerate all test fixtures qualtRics 2022-11-15 Julia Silge no
hex logo for webchem webchem 2020-05-07 Eric R. Scott no
New Maintainer Wanted :-) onekp 2022-12-06 Maëlle Salmon no
New Maintainer Wanted :-) citesdb 2023-01-12 Maëlle Salmon no
EIA API version 2? eia 2023-01-18 Jameel Alsalam no
Integrate progress bars for Async requests crul 2022-03-15 no
Add translations for new languages datefixR 2023-02-14 Nathan Constantine-Cooke no
Call for co-maintainer rtweet 2023-02-15 Lluís Revilla no

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