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If you were looking for issues where your expertise is needed, search no more! This list features issues for rOpenSci packages specifically labelled as "Help wanted" (meaning the package developer is actively soliciting help).
Always comment on an issue before tackling it to ensure the maintainer is still hoping for a contribution, and that no one else is already working on it.
If you're just getting started with making contributions, check out the issues labelled "Good first issue", as a way to ease into the process. Remember that not all issues require code contributions, sometimes it's documentation, use cases, vignettes, etc.
See also our contributing guide for finding other ways to contribute to rOpenSci.

IssuePackageDate OpenedIssue AuthorGood First Issue?
Add support for unicodegendercoder2021-06-24Mathew Lingno
{tabulizer} got archived on CRAN on 2021-10-31tabulizer2021-11-01Patrick Schratzno
High RAM usage when using meta.retrieval prevents usage on low end machinesbiomartr2019-05-29no
ms_rectify_maps with type = "lines"mapscanner2019-07-08mark padghamno
[FEATURE] re-design of AND versus OR queriesosmdata2021-11-30mark padghamno
Load data from QuantStudio qPCR systemstidyqpcr2021-12-21Edward Wallaceno
Improve performance: Run many simulations on a single NetLogo instancenlrx2022-01-04Sebastian Hanßno
Support for terralandscapetools2022-01-24Bernardo Brandão Niebuhrno
New Maintainer Needed!rrricanes2022-03-07Maëlle Salmonno
List of datasets for c14bazAARc14bazAAR2022-04-10Clemens Schmidno
Add support for chunk options via knitr 1.35tinkr2021-09-30Zhian N. Kamvarno
Error in qualtrics_response_codes() for fetch_distributions() & 0 observations for all_mailinglists()qualtRics2022-07-11Zoe (Shiyu) Zhangno
Replace superseded "do" function callstidyqpcr2021-09-30Samuel Joseph Haynesno
Call for co-maintainerMODIStsp2022-09-30Luigi Ranghettino
Help wanted listtidyqpcr2022-10-06Edward Wallaceno
Call for co-maintainerstaxlist2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainerstidync2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainers :-)googleLanguageR2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainers :-)refsplitr2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainers :-)rtika2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainers :-)dbparser2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Call for co-maintainers :-)assertr2022-10-14Maëlle Salmonno
Missing daily precipitation data in winter months on ncdc() callsrnoaa2022-09-01no
Regenerate all test fixturesqualtRics2022-11-15Julia Silgeno
hex logo for webchemwebchem2020-05-07Eric R. Scottno
New Maintainer Wanted :-)onekp2022-12-06Maëlle Salmonno
EIA API version 2?eia2023-01-18Jameel Alsalamno
Integrate progress bars for Async requestscrul2022-03-15no
Add translations for new languagesdatefixR2023-02-14Nathan Constantine-Cookeno
Call for co-maintainerrtweet2023-02-15Lluís Revillano
[BUG] oe_match does not properly match the correct OSM extractosmextract2023-08-21Eugene Hickeyno
Spatial packages updateMODIStsp2023-09-05Maëlle Salmonno

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