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Our packages are carefully vetted, staff- and community-contributed R software tools that in particular lower barriers to working with local and remote scientific data sources. Browse use cases and read our blog to learn how to use specific packages or contribute to their improvement.

Curious about contributing your package? See our Software Peer Review page for details. We welcome volunteers to review packages submitted to our open peer review process.

Below are some highlighted categories of packages. If you are not too sure where to look, use the page with all packages. In any case, all packages pages have a search bar. If a tool for your need seems missing, feel free to post on our forum.

Computing Infrastructure

Workflow Tools for Your Code and Data

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Data Access

Get Data from the Web

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Data Extraction

Convert and Munge Data

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Data Publication

Document and Release Your Data

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Work with Databases From R

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Access, Manipulate, Convert Geospatial Data

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HTTP tools

Interact with Web Resources

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Analyze Scientific Papers (and Text in General)

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Secure Your Data and Workflow

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Statistical algorithms and statistics-specific workflows

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Handle and Transform Taxonomic Information

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Our Software Review Process

Our suite of packages is comprised of contributions from staff engineers and the wider R community via a transparent, constructive and open review process utilising GitHub's open source infrastructure.

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Open Reviews

We combine academic peer reviews with production software code reviews to create a transparent, collaborative & more efficient review process

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Guidance & Standards

Based on best practices of software development and standards of R, its applications and user base.

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Active Community

Our diverse community of academics, data scientists and developers provide a platform for shared learning, collaboration and reproducible science

Review for rOpenSci

Volunteer for rOpenSci

We welcome both code and non-code contributions. Read our Contributing Guide to learn how.

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