Community Call - Writing Packages to Support Research Communities - zoon & greta

  Stefanie Butland   | JANUARY 3, 2018

Join our Community Call on Tuesday, January 30th (January 31 for our Australian friends) Nick Golding, 2017 rOpenSci Fellow, will talk about two R packages he has developed recently. zoon aims to promote open and reproducible research in ecological modeling by helping researchers share their code in a modular way and produce reproducible research artifacts. Nick has recently been trying to bootstrap a community around this idea and says this is a much harder problem.

Announcing the rOpenSci Fellowships Program

  Karthik Ram   | JULY 6, 2017

rOpenSci’s mission is to promote a culture of open, transparent, and reproducible research across various research domains. Everything we do, from developing high-quality open-source software for data science and, software review, to building community through events like our community calls and annual unconference are all geared toward lowering barriers to reproducible, open science. The rOpenSci Fellowship presents a unique opportunity for researchers who are engaged in open source to have a bigger voice in their communities.

Announcing our first fellowship awarded to Dr. Nick Golding

  Stefanie Butland   |   Karthik Ram   | DECEMBER 12, 2016

rOpenSci’s overarching mission is to promote a culture of transparent, open, and reproducible research across various scientific communities. All of our activities are geared towards lowering barriers to participation, and building a community of practitioners around the world. In addition to developing and maintaining a large suite of open source tools for data science, we actively support the research community with expert review on research software development, community calls, and hosting annual unconferences around the world.

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