Magick 1.6: clipping, geometries, fonts, fuzz, and a bit of history

  Jeroen Ooms   | DECEMBER 5, 2017

This week magick 1.6 appeared on CRAN. This release is a big all-round maintenance update with lots of tweaks and improvements across the package. The NEWS file gives an overview of changes in this version. In this post we highlight some changes. library(magick) stopifnot(packageVersion('magick') >= 1.6) If you are new to magick, check out the vignette for a quick introduction. Perfect Graphics Rendering I have fixed a few small rendering imperfections in the graphics device.

Using Magick with RMarkdown and Shiny

  Jeroen Ooms   | NOVEMBER 7, 2017

This week magick 1.5 appeared on CRAN. The latest update adds support for using images in knitr documents and shiny apps. In this post we show how this nicely ties together a reproducible image workflow in R, from source image or plot directly into your report or application. library(magick) stopifnot(packageVersion('magick') >= 1.5) Also the magick intro vignette has been updated in this version to cover the latest features available in the package.

Image Convolution in R using Magick

  Jeroen Ooms   |   Thomas Lin Pedersen   | NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Release 1.4 of the magick package introduces a new feature called image convolution that was requested by Thomas L. Pedersen. In this post we explain what this is all about. Kernel Matrix The new image_convolve() function applies a kernel over the image. Kernel convolution means that each pixel value is recalculated using the weighted neighborhood sum defined in the kernel matrix. For example lets look at this simple kernel:

Magick 1.0: 🎩 ✨🐇 Advanced Graphics and Image Processing in R

  Jeroen Ooms   | AUGUST 15, 2017

Last week, version 1.0 of the magick package appeared on CRAN: an ambitious effort to modernize and simplify high quality image processing in R. This R package builds upon the Magick++ STL which exposes a powerful C++ API to the famous ImageMagick library. The best place to start learning about magick is the vignette which gives a brief overview of the overwhelming amount of functionality in this package. Towards Release 1.

ropenaq, a breath of fresh air/R

  Maëlle Salmon   | FEBRUARY 21, 2017

Do you fancy open data, R, and breathing? Then you might be interested in ropenaq which provides access to open air quality data via OpenAQ! Also note that in French, R and air are homophones, therefore we French speakers can make puns like the one in the title. Please re-read it with a French accent and don’t judge me. In this post I’ll motivate the existence of the package, then show you the basics of its use, and finally show off with some pretty figures.

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