Our package reviews in review: Introducing a 3-post series about software onboarding data

  Maëlle Salmon   | APRIL 26, 2018

On March the 17th I had the honor to give a keynote talk about rOpenSci’s package onboarding system at the satRday conference in Cape Town, entitled “Our package reviews in review: introducing and analyzing rOpenSci onboarding system”. You can watch its recording, skim through the corresponding slides or… read this series! What is rOpenSci onboarding? rOpenSci’s suite of packages is partly contributed by staff members and partly contributed by community members, which means the suite stems from a great diversity of skills and experience of developers.

Rectangling onboarding

  Maëlle Salmon   | APRIL 26, 2018

Our onboarding reviews, that ensure that packages contributed by the community undergo a transparent, constructive, non adversarial and open review process, take place in the issue tracker of a GitHub repository. Development of the packages we onboard also takes place in the open, most often in GitHub repositories. Therefore, when wanting to get data about our onboarding system for giving a data-driven overview, my mission was to extract data from GitHub and git repositories, and to put it into nice rectangles (as defined by Jenny Bryan) ready for analysis.

Lessons Learned from rtika, a Digital Babel Fish

  Sasha Goodman   | APRIL 25, 2018

The Apache Tika parser is like the Babel fish in Douglas Adam’s book, “The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy” 1. The Babel fish translates any natural language to any other. Although Tika does not yet translate natural language, it starts to tame the tower of babel of digital document formats. As the Babel fish allowed a person to understand Vogon poetry, Tika allows an analyst to extract text and objects from Microsoft Word.

.rprofile: Noam Ross

  Kelly O'Briant   | APRIL 13, 2018

Dr. Noam Ross [@noamross on Twitter] is a disease ecologist at EcoHealth Alliance in NYC, as well as an editor for rOpenSci. Topics of discussion included Noam’s history with R and rOpenSci, working in a team-driven research environment, and inspirations for pushing research processes and rOpenSci projects in exciting new directions. KO: What is your name, job title, and how long have you been using R? NR: I’m Noam Ross, I’m a Senior Research Scientist at EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit that works at the intersection of conservation and health.

Forcing Yourself to Make Your Life Easier

  Rory Nolan   | APRIL 12, 2018

The general struggle Something that will make life easier in the long-run can be the most difficult thing to do today. For coders, prioritising the long term may involve an overhaul of current practice and the learning of a new skill. This can be painful for a number of reasons: We have to admit to ourselves that we’ve been doing things inefficiently (i.e. wasting time). This makes us feel stupid and fosters a sense of missed opportunity: we could’ve done something cool with the time we’d have saved (e.

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