The 2018 author and reviewer survey

  Karthik Ram   |   Noam Ross   |   Scott Chamberlain   |   Maëlle Salmon   | APRIL 17, 2018

rOpenSci’s package review system (aka onboarding) is one of our key activities to improve quality and sustainability of scientific R packages. The editorial team are constantly working towards improving the experience for both authors and reviewers. After our first year, we surveyed authors and reviewers who participated in our onboarding process to help us better understand what’s working well and where there is room for improvement. At the end of last year, we did so again, re-designing our survey so as to better track participant opinions year-to-year.

Thanking Your Reviewers: Gratitude through Semantic Metadata

  Noam Ross   |   Maëlle Salmon   |   Karthik Ram   |   Scott Chamberlain   | MARCH 16, 2018

At rOpenSci, our R package peer review process relies on the the hard work of many volunteer reviewers. These community members donate their time and expertise to improving the quality of rOpenSci packages and helping drive best practices into scientific software. Our open review process, where reviews and reviewers are public, means that one benefit for reviewers is that they can get credit for their reviews. We want reviewers to see as much benefit as possible, and for their contributions to be recorded as part of the intellectual trail of academic work, so we have been working at making reviews visible and discoverable.

Introducing the 2018 rOpenSci Research Fellows!

  Karthik Ram   | FEBRUARY 14, 2018

rOpenSci’s mission is to enable and support a thriving community of researchers who embrace open and reproducible research practices as part of their work. Since our inception, one of the mechanisms through which we have supported the community is by developing high-quality open source tools that lower barriers to working with scientific data. Equally important to our mission is to build capacity and promote researchers who are engaged in such practices within their disciplinary communities.

Introducing Maëlle Salmon, rOpenSci’s new Research Software Engineer

  Stefanie Butland   |   Scott Chamberlain   | JANUARY 29, 2018

We’re very pleased to be introducing someone who needs no introduction in the R community. Join us in welcoming Maëlle Salmon to rOpenSci as a Research Software Engineer (part time, working from Nancy, France). We’d like to formally introduce her here and share a bit about the kinds of things she’ll be working on. Maëlle did a B.Sc. in Biology with an emphasis on maths and quantitative work, two Masters degrees - one in Ecology and one in Public Health - and a Ph.

Community Call - Writing Packages to Support Research Communities - zoon & greta

  Stefanie Butland   | JANUARY 3, 2018

Join our Community Call on Tuesday, January 30th (January 31 for our Australian friends) Nick Golding, 2017 rOpenSci Fellow, will talk about two R packages he has developed recently. zoon aims to promote open and reproducible research in ecological modeling by helping researchers share their code in a modular way and produce reproducible research artifacts. Nick has recently been trying to bootstrap a community around this idea and says this is a much harder problem.

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