Apply to attend rOpenSci unconf 2018!

  Stefanie Butland   | FEBRUARY 8, 2018

For a fifth year running, we are excited to announce the rOpenSci unconference, our annual event loosely modeled on Foo Camp. rOpenSci unconferences have a rich history. You can get a feel for them by reading collected stories about people and projects from unconf17. We’re organizing unconf18 to bring together scientists, developers, and open data enthusiasts from academia, industry, government, and non-profits to get together for a couple of days to hack on various projects and generally enrich our community.

The Value of Welcome, part 2: How to prepare 40 new community members for an unconference

  Stefanie Butland   | DECEMBER 1, 2017

I’ve raved about the value of extending a personalized welcome to new community members and I recently shared six tips for running a successful hackathon-flavoured unconference. Building on these, I’d like to share the specific approach and (free!) tools I used to help prepare new rOpenSci community members to be productive at our unconference. My approach was inspired directly by my AAAS Community Engagement Fellowship Program (AAAS-CEFP) training. Specifically, 1) one mentor said that the most successful conference they ever ran involved having one-to-one meetings with all participants prior to the event, and 2) prior to our in-person AAAS-CEFP training, we completed an intake questionnaire that forced us to consider things like “what do you hope to get out of this” and “what do you hope to contribute”.

changes: easy Git-based version control from R

  Anikó B. Tóth   |   Nick Golding   | NOVEMBER 28, 2017

Are you new to version control and always running into trouble with Git? Or are you a seasoned user, haunted by the traumas of learning Git and reliving them whilst trying to teach it to others? Yeah, us too. Git is a version control tool designed for software development, and it is extraordinarily powerful. It didn’t actually dawn on me quite how amazing Git is until I spent a weekend in Melbourne with a group of Git whizzes using Git to write a package targeted toward Git beginners.

ochRe - Australia themed colour palettes

  Holly Kirk   |   Di Cook   |   Alicia Allan   |   Ross Gayler   |   Roger Peng   |   Elle Saber   | NOVEMBER 21, 2017

The second rOpenSci OzUnConf was held in Melbourne Australia a few weeks ago. A diverse range of scientists, developers and general good-eggs came together to make some R-magic happen and also learn a lot along the way. Before the conference began, a huge stack of projects were suggested on the unconf GitHub repo. For six data-visualisation enthusiasts, one issue in particular caught their eye, and the ochRe package was born.

Six tips for running a successful unconference

  Stefanie Butland   | NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Attendees at the May 2017 rOpenSci unconference. Photo credit: Nistara Randhawa In May 2017, I helped run a wildly successful “unconference” that had a huge positive impact on the community I serve. rOpenSci is a non-profit initiative enabling open and reproducible research by creating technical infrastructure in the form of staff- and community-contributed software tools in the R programming language that lower barriers to working with scientific data sources on the web, and creating social infrastructure through a welcoming and diverse community of software users and developers.

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